Hello again, internet.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit … hello. The name’s Ethu. I’ve been running German blogs for a couple of years now and felt the need to change something. Not only did my former blogs outlive their usefulness, the German-speaking blogging community is virtually nonexistent (in terms of gaming and such at least). Even though having a small familiar readership was neat I felt wistful – the international blogosphere is so much more vivid. So I decided to dabble at blogging in English.
By no means do I feel confident doing this – the last time someone corrected my Engrish was in grammar school three years ago and all the practice I have now derives from chitchatting with international folks on Twitter.
See, I’d probably never read blogposts written in broken German, and maybe the stuff I’m going to write here will be a pain to read, but I want to try it anyway. Maybe this will finally prevent me from producing the terrible walls of text I am known for. (It won’t.)

I want this blog to be more of an allrounder than the former ones were, but the general vibe will still be ‘geeky’. The stuff I’ll share will revolve around games (MMOs in particular), costuming, drawing, maybe even books sometimes. I won’t have a set schedule though – posts will come depending on the time and topics I have available.

Okay, enough with the drivel… let’s get started!


Published by

sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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