The struggle is real

My sub may be cancelled already, but I still wanted to find out which one of the healing classes is my favourite. It is important to me to have at least one tank and one healer I’m completely comfortable with. Since I tried Medic in beta already and liked it a lot it was now time to dabble at Esper and Spellslinger.

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My “struggle” started right there. I know I wanted at least one of them to be a Dommie for the sake of variety, and the only Dommie race I want to play is Draken.

So what I had was:

  • The wish to play a Draken Esper and Aurin Spellslinger (I already had designs for both of them in mind).
  • The fact that Draken can’t be Espers.

ARGH. Grumpy Ethu is grumpy. It’s a pity that they didn’t finish all the animations and whatnot so the races wouldn’t be restricted in their choice of class. Anyway, my compromise was to roll an Aurin Esper and a Draken Slinger.

I leveled both to 6 and hopped into PVP. I’m glad I did, the more experience you gather the better!

The handful of Walatiki runs showed me that both Esper and Slinger are not as fun for me as Medic. In a game full of telegraphs it feels like the Medic meshes better with the underlying combat system than the other two with their single target heals. I’m also a big fan of mid-range classes. I had a blast darting into the bulk of red, dropping a few heals and /urgency the fuck out again if needed. Dubstep-guns ftw, my gut feeling was right again!

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I can’t deny that yesterday’s PVP runs were great fun. But unless they drastically improve the endgame PVP situation I better not give in to the guilty feeling I have for cancelling my sub now, or else it’s SWTOR all over again.


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