The F2P fallacy

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Brought to you by the WildStar forums.
Brought to you by the WildStar forums.

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"Freemium isn't free." Click to watch the watch the full episode on
“Freemium isn’t free.” Click to watch the full episode on – highly recommended.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m fine with GW2 for example because so far I completely ignored the gem store and never felt the urge to use it. It doesn’t impact my progression in any way. But the F2P business model destroyed the two games I loved the most for me, games that weren’t meant to go F2P originally. It destroyed LOTRO. It destroyed SWTOR. Those were or had the potential to be stellar games, but were completely butchered and turned into shopping simulators. SWTOR – a game I financially supported for a long time with a far greater amount of money than I spent on GW2 – restricts me so much now as a preferred player it’s become impossible for me to enjoy the few things it has to offer for me. No surprise I left it behind in favor of GW2. Games are supposed to be a fun, relaxing and immersive hobby, created by devs who pour their heart and soul into them; not money grabs whose only (!) purpose is to maximize the gain, no matter what the representatives say. Fishing for the whales should not be the highest priority goal of any game. HIGH REVENUES DO NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL A PRODUCT OF HIGH QUALITY. So please stop using this argument to “counter” people who say SWTOR could use a little polish. Or a little more. Or a lot. I’m going to (financially) support ESO and actively play it in the future. I may not like some of their design decisions, but it reminds me a lot of the LOTRO I used to love. Hopefully I can make some really awesome memories there.

Capitalism ftw.


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