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Arodel is making good progress! I achieved a lot today – got the first champion point, collected all books that I missed all the way up to Cyrodiil (I finally motivated myself to download Minion and install a few add-ons), found out that there are still quests out there that I haven’t done yet (shocking!) and made her my crafting char instead of Jhumari. There are more than enough skill points after all. She is the character I want to focus on exclusively – get her good gear, level all possible skill lines, complete all achievements I can, get her to a high PVP rank… you get the idea.

reflective scale

I’m admittedly a bit tired of my mishmash magicka build, even more so now with update 6. I have a stamina based build in mind using bow for range and blades for melee… it should be something that feels good playing, not necessarily the most ‘meta’ build. I’m curious how that will work out.

Skyshard hunting in Cyrodiil!
Gotta catch ’em all
Making new friends while waiting for a world boss

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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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