Questing in Coldharbour

Coldharbour (image) spoilers.

I love questing in Coldharbour. At first it felt kinda slow and boring, but it didn’t take long for me to appreciate its eerie feeling. The art department did a good job here. The scenery … intimidates me, makes me feel lost and alone, as if there were monsters lurking around every corner, ready to flay poor Aro’s corpse.

It reminds me of my crazy Isengart quest session back in old LOTRO. I reached the ring around 8pm and didn’t stop until I had completed every single quest in that area (6am). I completely drowned myself in the thought of Ethuiliel working together with Uruks. I just love Uruks so much. Oh gods, I want this game back so badly.

Anyway, one thing that’s a bit silly about the zone is the fact that nothing tells you to do the sidequests before the main storyline. It doesn’t matter so much in the previous zones, but if you complete the main storyline first in Coldharbour you can still “recruit” the Bosmer and whatnot for the final battle… which is already over. Kinda breaks the immersion. I did it the “wrong” way, because I was so bored at first that I didn’t pay attention to the side quests.
Nevertheless, it’s just amazing how the Hollow City fills with life after each quest you complete. Well done, ZOS. I had a good time in this daedraforsaken wasteland.


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