The Vile Skyshard

I have all the Aldmeri skyshards. All of them… but one.

What a… uh… fun little adventure.

Beneath a foul manor was the very last skyshard for me to collect in AD territory. Everyone who knows the Vile Manse may understand the dread I felt when I thought about going through those vicious tunnels a second time. Yes. Again. Because I’ve been through that madness solo and underleveled already and FORGOT TO ACTIVATE THE FUCKING SHARD. That’s why it took me so long to go back there. Oh, the horror.

But Arodel is VR2 now, so I figured it shouldn’t be that much of a problem anymore. Still, I wasn’t all too keen on going back, so I mustered all the procrastination power I had. Cyrodiil took care of that sooner than I thought… by putting me in spot 50 in the queue for Chillrend. Alright. This was a sign, I thought. It’s time.

I ported to Reaper’s March, entered the Manse’s cellars and cracked the skulls of the first few groups of mobs. It wasn’t so bad (no Ult needed) but they still gave me a good beating. A long siiiiigh escaped my mouth when I thought about the tunnels ahead of me. I jumped down the hole, made my way to the first mob group and opened the map.

rabbit hole
Well, that was easy!

Did my eyes deceive me? The shard was right there! Not at the end of the tunnels, but at the beginning! Auri-El bless… whoever or whatever. I was eternally grateful and ran right into the corner where the shard was tucked away.

C’mere, beauty.
It’s finally over. /cry

After taking a few screenshots (need to remember everything, alright?) I wanted to take some more of the cave itself and … almost ran into the elite mob that respawned right in front of my nose.

Uhm, that was close.

HOLY SHIT. I didn’t even know it was guarded by a huge-ass Daedroth! Phew!

Well, I was certainly lucky that day! I almost aggroed it but managed to sneak back into the corner. Hmm… shall I pit Aro against it or simply port to the nearest wayshrine? Just in that moment, the Chillrend queue popped. I had totally forgotten about it. So I took my one way ticket to Cyrodiil, my mind boggled by how smooth everything went as opposed to my horrific expectations.


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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