One fateful night

One fateful night – she just helped fend off a troop of Covenant soldiers from the Fort Ash grounds – Arodel looked up to the night sky. It was brightly lit by the two full moons, Masser and Secunda.

eso 2015-04-05 23-58-48-34
Wait, what was that? Full moons? Despite not having her daily AP goal met and the ridiculously long queue on Chillrend she immediately moved her butt from the battlefield to Reaper’s March and camped the road south of Fort Grimwatch.

Alright, alright! I’ll stop with the roleplay nonsense now. I’ve thought about getting Aro the +15% in combat stamina regeneration from Lycanthropy for a while now, because… that’s a nice plus for a stamina based build, right? But I didn’t know anything about how to get infected – I really wanted to do it by myself instead of paying someone else for a bite – so I asked my friend Google for some info. I learned about a secluded spot in the far west of Reaper’s March which is supposedly rarely visited. So when I realized that I was lucky enough to catch a full moon night I immediately ran off to said spot and… waited.

eso 2015-04-06 00-10-51-07
eso 2015-04-06 00-02-58-75
Funny enough, this area is also the spawn point for the Lightbringer/Give to the Poor/Crime Pays NPCs so I managed to give the beggar some money and to rob a merchant while waiting. Not long after that the group of werewolves appeared right in front of me. I was SO excited that everything went so smoothly for me yet again (remember my journey to the Vile Manse?). I let them scratch Aro, ran off so they could reset and told the others in /zone about them. The quest to transition from a ‘pup’ to a ‘wolf’ was quite nicely done; I didn’t even expect something like that. It makes sense though; otherwise you wouldn’t even have a chance to decline the skill line if you were infected by chance.

eso 2015-04-06 00-20-01-44
eso 2015-04-06 00-26-45-82
eso 2015-04-06 00-33-03-77
eso 2015-04-06 00-39-18-89

Nevertheless I’m a bit sad that the Werewolf skill line is so restricted in its use. The ult is still somewhat expensive given that you can’t use your skills without being transformed and the debuffs are quite hefty too. Still, now that Aro isn’t a magicka flinging mage anymore, vampirism isn’t as attractive as it used to be (I originally planned to infect her for RP reasons).

Anyway, luck was with me once again and Arodel is one step closer to being a somewhat fleshed out stamina fighter. Yay! me!


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