Hircine’s Child, all grown up

eso 2015-04-13 18-22-25-31
What a lovely night to go hunting… for some XP!

When I was researching the WW skill line online, I came across a posting of a fellow werewolf who stated that he got his to 10 in about an hour. Wow, that’s fast! I thought. But it also made me wonder if I’d ever be able to motivate myself to do an hour of mindless grind… it sounded super boring in my head.

When I was questing in Stonefalls today, I’d already forgotten about that. I always swap out Corrosive Armor for WW for questing, because transforming in Cyrodiil is suicide and I want to spend some time with furry Aro for a change. White furry Aro, of course – I know that the other morph is so much better gameplay-wise, but WW is crap for my chosen playstyle anyway so I couldn’t resist taking the morph that gives her fur the appropriate colour. Fluff is IMPORTANT, guys.

I gathered enough Ult while smacking shalks by the Sulfur Pools and hit R. It was the first time since I got Devour, so I was curious how long I could go without running out of … whatever that bar represents?
Turns out: Very, very long! The shalks respawned super fast so I just kept killing. And devouring. And pouncing, and killing, and devouring, just to keep that bar filled. Can’t let it run out! Can’t! Let! It! Run! Out!
And before I even realized how many shalk corpses littered the place, the Lycanthropy Master achievement notification appeared on my screen. I started out at level 3 today. Oh my! That little timer bar really drove me into a frenzy there…

While it’s somewhat interesting that the timer took the ingame ‘frenzy’ and drilled it into my brain so I kept going until I maxed out the skill line, it really is a pity that you can’t really take a moment to ‘enjoy’ your transformed character. At least I can’t, thanks to the time pressure. Makes RPing a werewolf, or even just taking screenshots, a pain in the ass. It takes sooo much Ult to activate too. And why can’t I /howl when I’m transformed? Tch.

QQ aside, I’m happy having the possibility to run on all fours every now an then, heh. Once the meta shifts to magicka builds again (we all know it will), I’ll take on the vamp skill line. Gotta get that Noxophilic Black!


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