Blue skies ahead

Remember when I said I’ll roll an alt – one I don’t just keep for the looks or the name – to escape the Meteor madness?
Today I did just that. Well, actually yesterday; but I only created him and shoved him out into the cold (well not really on Auridon), harsh world before I went to sleep. Today was the day of mindless grind to get him to 10. Whew, I’m SO glad that that part is over.

Let me introduce you to Eluvenel (sind. “blue sky”).

“Eluvenel Frustration-Preventer”

RP-wise I imagine him to be kind of a light-hearted, bubbly, maybe a bit naive but always determined and optimistic young Bosmer chap. He likes healing more than fighting, even though he does know how to use bows and blades. He’s also rather… old fashioned when it comes to Bosmer culture and tradition despite his juvenile demeanor. Maybe born in some super remote area in Greenshade? He and Aro are friends, kind of. They maintain that kind of friendship Sesshomaru and Rin have, just the other way round in this case – with Aro being the stoic reckless fighter and Elu as the good-natured caring type.

elu 3
elu 2
elu 1
This is actually the very first male character I will actively level and gear up; all the others I ever had were purely for RP purposes or just there to… well, decorate my character selection screen. Ahem. But I’m really excited about the first boy in the pack and I already can’t get enough of his /lol laughter. It’s just so, so sweet. Actually, that reminds me of poor Bigby who was supposed to be the first and is now collecting dust in WildStar. Haven’t forgotten about you, old boy!

Sad Bigby is sad.
Sad Bigby is sad.

Once Elu hit level 10 I couldn’t wait and just threw myself back into the fray. And wow, I can’t tell you how good that felt.
The healing/support style Nightblade actually meshes really well with me. Lots of oh-shit-buttons, super nice healing. Battles on Blackwater Blade give a SHITTON more … everything than fights on Chillrend, especially now. Long story short, Ella and I spent around half an hour among other bananas deffing Sejanus against a truckload of reds and we had A BLAST. Noobies really don’t know how to handle oil from above. At one point we got like, what, 3400 bonus points? Ba-boom.
He ended up gaining a level, several ranks until we stopped at 8.4k towards Tyro Grade 1, getting 20+ reward mails, and the achievements for dealing 1kk damage and healing. This. Was. Fucking. Amazing. As much as I’d love to play Arodel right now, derping around like that is just a million times more fun than getting kicked from the PVP server multiple times or grinding through Stonefalls. She’ll always be my main though. <3


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