Cats are my weakness

Okay, okay. I gave in. I wanted to completely ignore the crown store, but I knew the leopard senche would tempt me and I couldn’t resist. That cost me more than half of my total crowns, but whatevaarrrrr. I love big cats and I’m fascinated by the (admittedly kinda fubar) biology of Khajiit, so this was kind of a no brainer after all.
As a mount it doesn’t really fit Arodel who is better off with her white stallion, so Khilana (which, according to Google translate, is Hindi for blossom) is now friends with Eluvenel. I was surprised by how good that looked! Maybe they met somewhere in Greenshade? I like that thought.

New BFFs <3

She would be a great companion for my Sorc Machali, a Khajiit lady, too. I don’t plan on playing her just yet, but RP-wise she’s supposed to have a rather diverse family when it comes to the different morphs. I mean, that’s supposed to be a normal thing, right? What a pity that we rarely ever get to see said diversity in action. I shall correct this in the future by also purchasing the Alfiq and forming a morph-diverse Khajiit trio, hehe. I’ll make them… uhm… siblings!

khilana jump
I believe I can flyyyy…

I do have a few issues with this mount though.

The personal one is that, having VERY strong feelings regarding wildlife poaching and abuse (especially when it comes to big cats), imagining tigers and leopards being abused as mounts literally makes me sick to my stomach. I am, no joke, reluctant to use this mount. But I’m a smart girl, and we’re talking about a bunch of pixels, so my brain will learn to draw a clear line between pixels and RL problems (even in my bone-headed limbic system).

The other problem I have is that ZOS first lay out the tiger bait for the long term subscribers without disclosing that other senche types are coming, which is a bit foul play for me. Of course you can see it happen everywhere microtransactions are involved, but that doesn’t mean that they should resort to such tactics; it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, even though I don’t have the tiger myself. Maybe it reminds me too much about past LOTRO and SWTOR shop disasters. Please, ZOS, don’t ruin the beautiful game you crafted with crappy monetization decisions. PLEASE.

Edit: Yeah okay I let Elu ride around on her a bit and wow, I’m so in love with her. They look really really nice together and ZOS did an amazing job with the animations. Reminds me a bit of the day Nero gave me Nima (my Varactyl in SWTOR) – the distinct movement and sound of her footsteps made riding her feel very different to the inanimate mounts. The only thing I find a bit silly about the Senche the actual riding position, which looks like he’s trying to mime a jockey.

khilana jockey
jockey jockey jockey jockey

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