State of the player, May 25th ’15

Recently I took it easy and didn’t spend so much time online (which was a great idea, honestly), so progress is slow but steady.

Little Eluvenel is still growing incredibly fast in my opinion. He’s already level 30, hit Corporal at level 27 and is sporting his new fancy armor. I wish I could pull him out of this game and cuddle him. Sigh. My pretty little boy, growing up so fast. sniff

Elu Deal With It

And again, I have not been able to resist. The Senche Panther is mine. I think I’ll collect them all… at least two more are coming according to the miners – a lioness and a clouded leopard, judging from the thumbnails. I’m already totally excited for them. Who knew?

Nevertheless, Arodel has made the most progression by far. I recently wrapped up Deshaan; (hopefully) all quests completed, all dolmens and world bosses beaten, all skyshards collected and all dungeons explored. The end of the Maulborn storyline was pretty cool! I still like the AD more overall, but that particular quest line was rather well done. I’m also pretty excited about beautiful Shadowfen and that I finally see the AD as the opponent and not the ally there. All in all, I’m super motivated to play my main more.

eso 2015-05-20 00-13-57-34
Crafting is coming along nicely too. I finally “got” every aspect of it and started crafting my gear myself. For now I focus on clothier, blacksmith and woodworking, which comes in pretty handy now, because I want to switch Aro’s build back to a magicka based one. Yes, I know, I didn’t stick with the stamina build long… but if you, like me, play a NB alongside your main and discover how well this class synergises with bows and soloplay in general, it’s getting increasingly frustrating! That’s why I crafted her a set of light armor and will roll with a destro/resto combo from VR6 onward. She’s currently VR5, so that should give me enough time to max out 1h/shield and dual wield in the meantime, which are the last weapon-related skill lines she needs to level. I also want to level Vampirism now, but I’ll bite one of Elrion’s toons first so I can get Lycanthropy back comfortably if I need it. Eluvenel needs it too now that I think about it…

On another note, my bank is fuller than full. I have six, SIX mules so everything is neatly organized. I never had mules in other games! Ack! ZOS, gimme moar space!


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