Mass Effect and SWTOR at E3

I usually never watch E3 streams, but… I was too curious about what EA/BW have up their sleeves concerning future SWTOR content, so I made an exception this time. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Summary of my thoughts:

  • New ME trailer looked rad. I really need to play the first three soon, but MMOs are such ungodly timesinks.
  • New SWTOR trailer looked awesome too. And to my great shame, it immediately hooked me up again. So yeah, expect me to return. The lethan in the trailer is to blame for this. But only she, because the rest of the characters shown are boring white humans. Bah!
  • Level cap rise so soon after the last one is a bad idea imo.
  • I hope they can pull off the story chapter model better than GW2 does, other than that I’m probably fine with it.
  • Polishing their story content, the one thing they really do better than the rest, is probably the right thing to do at this point. (Eventhough it hurts.)

I’m admittedly a bit embarrassed by how stupidly excited I’m about that wannabe Darth Talon in the trailer. I HATE all those Talon-look-alikes ingame, and Talon herself is probably one of the most shallow characters ever created, but she looks awesome. Aaaaawesome. She’s the background of every single one of my screens. So, yeah. I’m a weak person, but you probably knew that already.

Atroxa 1 Atroxa 2
Honestly, I’m so glad they give me a reason to play my colourful girls again. As long as they are ignoring both PVP and story content I’m just wasting my time there, but if they come up with something good… well, we’ll see.


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