Starting over on the Progenitor

The flesh is weak, but the mind is weaker.

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Shit happens.

Nimitz invited me to join a guild on the Progenitor server for some casual PVE/PVP content enjoyment whenever we’re in the mood. Sounds good, right? The one thing that makes an otherwise subpar game bearable is a nice group to roll with, so consider me a happy camper.

Here I am, making plans for SWTOR again. Again.


Can’t let go of this game, no matter how hard I try.

Paired with the announcement of insanely cheap transfers – WHICH ARE NOT “BETTER THAN X-SERVER”, BW!!1 shakes fist and which smell a lot like server merges to be honest – and a nice story-filled expansion I’m super hyped again. Yes, I miss this game. #noshame

Two things that I have to keep in mind though:

  1. I cannot possibly spend a substantial amount of time on more than three servers max, so I’ll limit myself to VC (both sides), TOFN (imp side) and the Progenitor (rep side). I’m tempted to make “good use” out of the transfer discount, but mindlessly spreading characters across servers gets me nowhere (or everywhere, depending on view).
  2. The only classes I thoroughly enjoy are Sin/Shadow, Merc/Mando and Op/Scoun. Carrying classes I already leveled but don’t like playing over to other servers is pointless, so I’ll need to level some duplicates.
swtor 2015-07-01 22-56-12-55
Hi there, Progenitor!

My plan for now is to transfer my Scoun from TOFN to Progenitor; I need to bring one of my existing chars because of all the legacy unlocks I have already, including the ability to roll a red (or ‘dark orange’ as I like to call it) Twi’lek Mando. It’s back to the roots for Ayy, who will be my ‘main’ there, and for that I need said unlock. The only other char I consider relocating is the original merc Ayy from VC, because the only character I ever play there on imp side is Serene anyway. But I’ll wait with that until I figure out the whole server situation properly.

Did I mention that I’m excited? And it’s all your fault, Nimitz. All yours.


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