How to drive me away from PvP

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I give up. (Veteran) Cyrodiil is absolutely un-fun if you’re anywhere between VR1-13 (or even 15 in the near future).

I said I’d jump back into PVP once I got my new build ready for Aro, so that’s what I did yesterday. And it took me 15 minutes to get frustrated enough to log out again.

  1. The zone chat on Chillrend is so silent, you never know where the action will take place until it’s too late. People are much more talkative in BWB, which makes the zone actually fun for people like me who like being around other players but not necessarily like group with them. (Hail GW2 for getting that one right.)
  2. Even if you manage to get a spot with a siege engine the fights usually don’t last long.
  3. Dare to set a toe outside of a keep and you’ll get busted by the VR14s in a literal second thanks to no stat leveling.
  4. From the looks of the map over the course of a campaign I’d say there’s some Emp trading going on there.
  5. Never once did someone react to my lfg in chat.

In short: It’s boring and frustrating. I can’t believe I’m stuck with either lowbie PVP on another character or being a punching bag for the real PVP “vets” in this game. With the gear gated behind veteran ranks and the champion system in place it’s kind of mind boggling that non-maxlevel characters are kind of screwed over until they’re done leveling (and beyond). This makes as much sense as the quest that sends level 40ies into the Moors in LOTRO. Does that one still exist?

aro mag build
At least I’m enjoying myself in PVE again.

Screw that. Not setting a foot in there again with Aro until she hits max, if ever. Even SWTOR PVP is more fun right now, and that says something.



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