Switching back to my trusty staves

Once again I have proven myself to be a giant derp when it comes to melee. I wonder how many more failures it will take to finally get this into my thick skull.

After hours of painfully maxing out the 1h/shield skill line I can finally switch back to a magicka build. F i n a l l y. I honestly couldn’t bear it anymore. The melee weapons make me cringe, and… all this grinding in one of those boring-as-fuck Nord zones… baaaah. It made me avoid ESO and that shouldn’t happen.

eso 2015-07-07 00-26-48-91
Praying with boring Nord NPC that it’s over soon.

When I hit level 50 on that skill line it was around 3am, but I didn’t care. I immediately stripped Aro from all her gear, deconstructed it and made her a brand new set with the 4p set boni of both the Torug’s Pact and the Twilight’s Embrace’s sets. I redistributed her attribute points, her skill points and her champion points to accommodate her new build. The Apprentice is her new mundus stone. All this cost me a shitton of money and approximately two hours of my life but it was totally worth it. I worked with this build and tweaked it here and there to fit my playstyle (and the fact that Aro is not maxlevel yet).

In a matter of minutes, the frustration was gone. I pitted Aro against some of the worldbosses I wasn’t able to kill before and lo and behold, downing them was a breeze again (taking on more than one boss mob at the same time still isn’t possible though).

eso 2015-07-07 13-32-27-91
Come on baby light my fire

This build is a glasscannon mind you, but a cannon nonetheless. The destro/resto combo Aro is sporting works really well for casual PVE. You just need to make sure that you take as few hits as possible, but even if you get hit hard the resto bar does a good job of cushioning the blow.

That build is fun. Maybe I can even make a dent in a PVPer with it. Maybe. I’ll hop onto Chillrend in the next couple of days and see if it’s become a bit more bearable.


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