A Premature Welcome

So today this blog will go public sooner than planned, because something really dumb happened and now everything I prepared vanished.

This is my trusty 32GB 3.0 USB stick. Nero gave it to me as a gift. It’s dangling from a bracelet an old friend of mine gave to me in my first year of grammar school. It holds only my most valuable data. And now it’s broken.


I plugged it into my netbook to finish tidying up all the blogposts I planned on posting privately so I can clean up everything before letting the potential readers in. But the netbook froze and I couldn’t safely remove the device. Since then I can’t access it anymore, even though it still shows up in both the explorer and the manager when I plug it in.

Now I’m sitting here staring at its tiny red casing, knowing that all my docs are still imprinted on there somewhere, quietly mourning the loss of my work in my own depression-ridden, unemotional way. The fact that I managed to get an academic grade in natural sciences but was not able to make a proper back up of over 200 docs – a year’s work – is probably the most frustrating thing about it. I spent hours searching Google for advice but it seems my only chance of recovering the data is by paying a professional, which I’m going to do as soon as I’ll find someone trustworthy. But chances are that I royally screwed up for good, which is why I won’t wait any longer with making the blog publicly accessible. It’s been too long since I last spilled my thoughts into the vast pseudo-void that is the internet. I miss it!

Thanks to every one of you who immediately offered help without teasing me about the missing back up, I really appreciate it.

Now all that’s left to say is welcome to my corner of the web, grab a cup of tea and enjoy your stay!


Published by

sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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