Act 1: check

Last Sunday when I started my gaming session Ayy was still on Coruscant… when I stopped she already had completed Alderaan (which is laggy as hell for some reason). This boost is crazy and I love it. It turned Tatooine from an hour long ordeal into a 20 minute breeze! I almost like it now.

I’m pretty picky about what my characters wear, especially now that I’m recording. The Outfit Designer doesn’t allow items that are of a higher level than your character, so most of my favourites for Ayy were immediately out of the question. Experienced perfectionist that I am I went out of my way to still assemble two outfits, one for the hard work and one for more casual situations. That cost me a shitton of CCs and some nerves (Progenitor pubs are somehow really bad at GSF), but it totally paid off. The CM armor definitely comes in handy with the unlimited-duplicates feature – now my squad really looks like a squad! And because I stamped the casual outfit into the designer I can still give it to Jorgan so we can be CO and XO among the footmen. I’m really happy with how this turned out.

wmplayer 2015-07-14 14-43-22-06
wmplayer 2015-07-14 14-47-13-84

The orange looks a bit weird on Ayy though, doesn’t it? But I won’t change it; “white-orange” is firmly tied to “Havoc Squad” in my brain for some reason.
All that makes me miss RP so badly. I’m fully back into personality-design mode and know how Ayy ticks and changed over time much better now. Awesome feeling.

Alas, I’m 100% absorbed into the story again. (As Leslie Clio sang: “Maybe I’m lost, but I don’t need to be found.”) The cutscenes do set SWTOR apart from other games in a good way, even though there’s lots of graphic glitches and lekku clipping. Right now I’m at the end of Act 2 and thoroughly enjoying myself.


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