About expansion hype

This post is inspired by Syp’s 2015: The year expansions became the MMO heroes post.

Eventhough SWTOR kind of fails at being a “proper” (whatever that means) MMO right now, especially in the face of recent announcements, I have to admit that it’s been literal years since I last was genuinely excited for an expansion. Now that I think about it, the only expansion I was ever hyped about was Siege of Mirkwood (LOTRO). The time the community spent in joyful anticipation back then was pretty awesome. We’ve all been through the existing content and started fleshing out the details of our characers and we were so ready to go through new quests and dungeons. The day SoM launched a ton of players gathered at the riverside of Anduin and eagerly awaited the “Go!” from the gamemasters. It was amazing. Hundreds of players swam to the other side and enjoyed the new content together.

Now I’m in a similar situation. I’m comfortable with the game, prepare my mains and eagerly await the new story, eventhough it could very much also kill this game as an MMO.

SWTOR is my WoW. It pisses me off in a million ways, but I can never really let go of it.


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