Fraps, blessing and curse

I have a problem. In short: I love Fraps and I love that I can record the story now.
I made a huge effort to make the cutscenes look good – get the best looking armor, change it depending on situation, reduce the clipping as much as possible, turn off all potentially interrupting sounds, avoid having flytext on the screen.
Fraps produces huge .avi files which are of decent quality but use up almost all of the space on my harddrive now (around 800 gigs). I have two external ones, but even those could barely hold it all and we’re talking about ONE storyline only here.

What to do now? Deleting the files is not an option. Maybe buy another harddrive? (5 TB would be nice, but that’s still a huge load of data.) Saving them online would be far too expensive and my connection couldn’t handle that anyway. Converting/compressing the files is the way to go, eventhough it means sacrificing a bit of quality.

Google wasn’t incredibly helpful, most recommend working with Windows Movie Maker, but we all now how useful WMM really is. All it does is fuck up the quality of the videos big time.
Then I remembered that converter (Any Video Converter) I installed to turn the .avis into .movs – Photoshop only works with .movs if you want to make animations/.gifs out of videos.

Exhibit A

I dragged a file in, converted it and – lo and behold – the file shrunk from almost 6 gigs to 108 mb (!). The loss of quality is there, but I’d rather keep the files and still have space for more than treat them like Gollum his precious.

AVI bsp
.avi (1.6GB)
MOV bsp
.mov (22.7MB)

I’ll keep them as long as possible and take screenshots of the most vital or interesting scenes so I have some high-quality ones. Don’t you love it when things take unexpected positive turns?


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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