Almost there

I think Havoc Squad just made it into my top 3 SWTOR stories (only took ’em three attempts, cough). The Gauntlet was amazing! BW really did an outstanding job with setting the mood in the cutscenes. I even had already forgotten about some of the them… which surprised me a bit, but it really only made it that much more exciting. It felt like a battle, not least because the mission makes you play with Yuun and Vik, both of whom are sporting empty armor shells and no weapons right now… yep that was totally on purpose…

Only five more levels until 50! At this pace she will be my first 60 instead of Serene (yup, still haven’t made it there).

I’ll never, ever level a character without that bonus again. Ever.

Also, Catching up is one of the best missions in the whole game and I’d gladly take more of this sort. Doesn’t Ayy fit in there perfectly? I did such a good job. /cough

But do yourself a favour and don’t watch the video of you haven’t seen the cutscene yourself, that would spoil all the fun.

Do you also love hitting the cantinas fully armored AND with a gun?


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sally e. goldfinch

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