Ayy III. has won the Battle of Corellia

It’s over.

swtor 2015-07-17 11-40-05-83
5 days, 260 cutscenes, 560 gigabytes, 7103 affection points and a few dead imps later Ayy #3 has fought the battle of Corellia and won. This journey was a great pleasure; not only did it refresh my memories, it also helped me get to know this fierce little Twi’lek a bit better. It allowed me to get a clearer picture of how she was before the bounty hunts fundamentally changed her (again). I think the reason why the Trooper storyline didn’t quite click with me the first two times around was because Ayy didn’t fit in so easily. Her concept was incomplete. How many times have I mentioned that now? Good thing vacation is just around the corner; my mind is heavily overloaded with incoherent thoughts right now. After that I’ll hopefully be focused enough to sift through my drafts and assemble a little RP background piece about her.

Anyway, can’t wait for KotFE coffee so I can detail her personality even further.

PS: Ayy has not won the battle of Huttball that she and Anoon fought shortly after.


From this

1 ayy

to this

50 ayy


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