Togruta inc

Togruta will be in Game Update 3.3 on Tuesday!

Source. I know the patch is delayed, but still…. aaah! Togruta! My 2nd favourite species is on the way! WHAT DO I DO? Do I avoid social media and therefore spoilers until I can get my hands on the species myself or will I give in and ask my fellow players for screenshots?

How detailed will the character creation be? I expect it to be quite underwhelming, just like the rest. I also agree with the people who say Togruta should cost a bit less because their auto-hide-every-single-helmet “feature” limits their customization, even though 600CC for a whole new species is OK in my opinion. Oh dear, I can’t wait to assemble a little first impressions post as soon as I get home from Ireland. Togruta are such a beautiful (and important, if you ask me) addition to a game that’s set in a huge universe like Star Wars – the more diversity, the better! Especially if we’re talking alien species. Can never have enough aliens.

What will I do with that species, though? Will I betray my lekku pack by letting in a pair of montrals, or will I just play around in the character creator? I think I need to find a server for my future “pariah” characters (Nautolans and Cathar included; yes, I am convinced that Nautolans will eventually be implemented).

The Shadowlands would actually be a good choice. I always wanted to PVP imp-side there, but due to the transfer restrictions I can’t move over my legacy and the only option I’d have for a Twi’lek toon would be Inquisitor. I don’t feel like rolling one, though; for some reason I like wielding blasters and cannons much more right now. The Togruta unlock on the other hand would be account wide, therefore not limit me in my options. Sounds like a plan, right?

The only problem I have with that is that Togruta and Imps don’t really go together in my head. That’s just a personal thing though. I feel much more like playing one as a Jedi, Trooper or Smuggler… tough choice! Alas, I’ll just wait and see how they actually look and feel ingame. If I roll a Cathar imp-side for PVP-with-twitter-friends-purposes going for a Togruta Jedi won’t be a problem anyway.

Yes, I’ll shove all my less-loved and less-detailed characters over the pond to the US folks. Deal with it. :P In the meantime, I’ll take a look at the nice compilation of infos useful for creating lore-friendly Togruta characters over at Swtorista. Aaand here’s another source.


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