Togruta first impressions

I’m back from Ireland! It was absolutely incredible, the best vacation I ever went on actually, but I’m more than ready to dive back into my virtual worlds of choice again.

I decided not to “spoiler” myself the looks of the Togruta and avoided all of my usual social media platforms as much as possible. I wanted it to be an exciting first impression.
The fact that the starter zones and fleets immediately turned into what presumably looked like a gigantic clown Woodstock made the wait a bit more bearable. Vayyn was so nice to screenshot me a taste of it. (But to be fair, when I finally logged on I actually came across comparatively few of them. And no Ahsoka so far!)

I wonder how many of them will stick with their new toons.

Anyway, I came home today and immediately placed my butt in front of my two screens. I was too curious, honestly. I heard so many different opinions about BW’s take on this species beforehand; I really wanted to see them for myself now.

swtor 2015-07-26 15-43-47-43
Shiny! The new icons in the character creation are pretty neat too.
swtor 2015-07-26 15-45-32-55
I never unlocked a species via the CM before now that I think about it.

Honestly, when I opened the character creator and saw the female and the male next to each other I was SPEECHLESS. The female looks amazing, just like you’d imagine them to look like, but the male is a pale imitation of what should be a majestic alien. Why are the lekku so extremely short? And why the hell are the montrals pointing forward? I didn’t even play around with the male options and went straight to the female.

swtor 2015-07-26 16-01-13-36
Let’s just forget that that happened.

Summary of the things I noticed:

  • They have access to lots of the human faces, which is absolutely amazing. Finally an alien species (not talking about near-humans) with a wide range of faces, which means less clones, which means more gorgeous characters to look at. I wish Twi’lek would have more than three faces (because seriously, it’s virtually impossible to differentiate between the first three options, even with a side-by-side comparison).
  • Hm, no real akul-tooth jewellery? A bit disappointing. The jewellery options are few in general.
  • The variety and style of colours and patterns is incredible and allows for so much variation that it’s actually possible to create a fairly unique character, especially because the facial patterns alter the looks of the faces a bit. The number of combinations is so much greater than what we can achieve with Twi’leks for example; I’m a little envious now.
  • Everything looks very Togruta-like: There’s nothing that makes you furrow your brow and think “that doesn’t look right”. Except for weird colour combinations maybe, hehe.
  • There are no complexions, scars and no make-up. On the one hand that’s a real pity, on the other hand BW has shown that they are capable of delivering 95% ugly-as-fuck complexions for a species (again, poor Twi’leks). Scars and some subtle make-up options for those who like them would have been nice, though.
  • They look and feel very good when actually played.

Montrals/lekku are seperate from the head which probably allowed them to use a greater variety of faces in the first place (altough it does admittedly look a bit detached), the great texture makes them look more realistic, less strange movement clipping/oops-my-lekku-deflated glitches and the lashes are separate from the skin too. My Twi’leks are super jelly.

I also checked what they look like with Dark V:

togruta dark side
Dark Side Togruta: Not sure if I like it or not.

It‘s a bit strange. The eyes turn red as expected. The montral colours are not affected, the facial colours get a bit paler (except for one dark blue?); no veins and no dark spots though. I wish Serene could look like that; but no, she looks like she hasn’t washed her face in a month, her lashes turn “white” too and the only complexion without brows suddenly gets a pair! Hooray for neglected ugly glitches.

dark side serene
From left to right: Serene what she looks like now; Light blue with last complexion option (no eyebrows); same with DS V active (surprise eyebrows!)

Anyway, this is my bottom line:

  • In my opinion they are the alien species with the best foundation to create a fairly unique character right now, which is amazing. A+
  • The females look exactly what I expect female Togruta to look like. A++
  • Males. Oh well. D

I will roll one on my ‘pariah server’ (which will probably be Shadowlands), where I will park one character of all the species (other than Twi’leks) I adore but don’t want to play; that includes Cathar and Chiss, and hopefully Nautolans in the future. I always have races in every game that I LOVE but just can’t play because they don’t mesh with what I want to create. Charr, dwarves, argonians… you get the idea. Ugh, I feel dirty for rolling something else than a Twi’lek.

Don’t know the class yet, though. Another Trooper? A Sage? A Sith? Oh my, I actually have a hard time deciding on a face/colour/pattern combination.

swtor 2015-07-26 16-22-37-98
First try.
swtor 2015-07-26 16-54-01-81
Maybe a Sith?
swtor 2015-07-26 16-32-40-57
Or a trooper?
swtor 2015-07-26 16-29-34-53
Or a smuggler? Time will tell.

I also assembled a few side-by-side comparison images to help me keep all the options in mind.

togruta face comparison
Click to enlarge.
togruta skin colour comparison
Click to enlarge
togruta face pattern comparison
Click to enlarge
togruta jewellery comparison
Click to enlarge

As a comparison, Twi’leks have…

… 27 patterns, of which a lot are paired with make-up that usually clashes with the skin tone
… 17 complexions sporting 16 pairs of (fuzzy) eyebrows and lots of dirt
… 8 skin colours (and they are supposed to be the colourful ones!)
… 12 faces which are actually just an african, a caucasian and an asian version with minuscule variations

/cough yes I’m done now, enjoy your montrals everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Togruta first impressions”

  1. I’m waiting for the Coffee update until I’ll make mine. I’m so torn between all the colour options, though. I usually taking an hour to come up with a new character, now we’re looking at, I dunno, a whole day? I’m almost dreading it already!


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