“Getting cozy for the kill”

GAMESCOM CANTINA CODE: http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/bjwr9

I’m happy and excited annnd well. My Cologne experience so far:

  • Packing went great.
  • The train ride went even greater. Ten hours of no sleep whatsoever in a hot, uncomfortable cabin filled with the smell of stinky feet, so lovely.
  • At 1am the train was stopped and armed policemen with rubber gloves and bulletproof vests searched it, for whatever reason.
  • Drank a huge cup of black coffee at Bonn main station and it did NOTHING. Zombie mode activated.
  • It’s stupidly hot in and around Cologne and I feel like I’m melting. Showering does pretty much nothing if you dare set a toe outside your room.
  • Gamescom is absolutely packed with people. Met a “new” friend, took a stroll around the area to get a feeling for it again and then fled right back to the hotel because no a/c. I SAW SOMEONE COSPLAYING AAYLA THERE AND DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE, ZOMBIE ETHU WHADDAYA DOIN. TAKE MORE FUCKING PICTURES TOMORROW. THIS IS AN ORDER.
  • Went to the Cantina, came an hour late, but it was no problem. Not gonna lie, it was awesome. If you have the possibility to attend one, DO IT. They’re all super friendly.

(Somewhat) Quick summary of the Cantina:

  • Location A+. AIR CONDITIONING. And water. I could end here, but it got better.
  • Event is well thought-out with Q&A (which we missed, unfortunately), trivia, silly little games and goodies, a greenscreen photobox, lightsabers, a Sith…
  • The BW devs and CMs are likeable, funny, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and self-critical people. I’ll say it again, because it’s important. Devs are people. CMs are people. Show them some respect. I too have been bitchy in the past, but they are neither ignorant of the many facets of SWTOR nor are they lazy. I know that now. Things are so very different if you look them in the eye when they talk about features that made or didn’t make it in the game. Body language adds so much to a statement. They care, even if things look messy to us.

After the Q&A people were piling onto Eric and the devs and politely drowned them in questions – many of them PVP related! – and we got a good insight into how things work without feeling manipulated. I wish I had jotted everything down, but like I said, I was zombified.
Some things I remember: They have warzone prototypes and are actively working on them; we will get a new warzone and group PVE content eventually (no ETA), they just needed to focus on coffee story for now which will address problems from launch (finishing story and the “that’s it, now what?” feeling afterwards, not using resources efficiently etc); when looking at player feedback and behaviour both raw data and what Eric gathers from the forums is taken into account; ranked scene is growing; they see that PVP needs to be more accessible; x-server would be lovely but if they actually could pull it off it would be implemented already – the costs are way too high for the potential gain unfortunately; if you sub you get all story chapters released to that point and get to keep them if you go preferred after that; colours and dyes are VERY important and force them to yell at each other sometimes […]

Honestly, their genuine enthusiasm has sold me on coffee way easier than any of their trailers could have. I’m really looking forward to this xpac now as it could very well be called a “revamp” too.

Some other silly stuff –
Eric: “Any more questions? Do you have a question?”
Me (jokingly): “No. I’m an angry PVPer, I don’t have any questions.”
He referred to me as “angry PVPer” from then on, which was pretty funny.

Everyone wanted to “kill” Eric in the photobox, preferably with lightsabers, which was funny to watch. “Yeah I’m getting cozy for the kill”. Community managers, always getting “flak”.

I mentioned how horribly annoying it was to obtain plain blue expertise crystals aaaand we might see them being made a little easier to get. Yay!

Apparently, Europeans are super polite – we shut up when shutting up is appropriate and actually leave the area when told to at 22:00, waving and thanking them for their time.

I snatched a bunch of autographs and got complimented on my hairstyle in the process, aww yiss.

I’m still a teensy bit sad that I couldn’t be at the Blizzard booth for the WoW: Legions announcement (the atmosphere must’ve been amazing), but attending the Cantina was the right decision – it made an otherwise rather painful start lovely again. Tomorrow we’ll sleep in, have late breakfast, spend two hours or so at the GC and attend the second Cantina too. Super excited for it and the next days in general!

Oh boy, I so have to dress up as Ayy for next year’s GC Cantina (assuming there is one). Aaaand now I’ll go to bed because I haven’t slept in 37 hours. Zombie out.


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2 thoughts on ““Getting cozy for the kill””

  1. Hey, I haven’t seen the expansion referred to as “coffee” before. I’ll have to start doing that. Thanks again for the speeder code. I’m sharing mine and Scooter’s (my lovely bride) over on my own blog.


    1. Great! Spread the speeder looove!
      I came up with the “coffee” thing on twitter after a few unsuccessful attempts to pronounce it without tieing a knot in my tongue.


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