2nd day, Q&A

I vowed to go to sleep earlier today, so no detailed post right now. There’s lots of photos and videos and voice recordings and stuff I have to go through and tidy up anyway so I can give you a good picture about what was going on. I’ll do that at home when I’m not actively indulging in geeky happiness anymore.

Gamescom was short but fun today, took a bunch of photos that I’ll show you later too.

The Cantina was even better than yesterday, no joke – more people, more fun, more action. I had the honor to win a shirt in the trivia quiz, meet really nice people from Vanjervalis Chain and got to force choke Eric Musco while his colleagues where laughing at him. I can’t wait to show you all the pics I’ve taken.

For now I’ll just post the main Q&A which is probably the most important bit:

  • Q: Will story seasons have a fixed number of chapters?
    A: Chapter numbers will depend on the story length.
  • Q: Will Galactic Starfighter get an update?
    A: It will eventually, but resources are shifted towards KOTFE for now.
  • Q: Will there be one story in KOTFE shared between all classes?
    A: Yes, but classes and even companions can influence it (a lot, sometimes).
  • Q: Will there be a graphics update?
    A: Not in the sense that they’re tinkering with the engine, but cutscenes (and the textures there) have gotten a lot better with KOTFE.
  • Q: Will there be new PVP maps?
    A: Prototypes are there, and they are being worked on, it’s just a matter of time. First PVP will be streamlined to be more accessible and so future updates can be implemented more easily.
  • Q: Will there be an option to transfer whole guilds? (Context: empty servers, esp. re: PVP)
    A: They are currently looking into solutions to streamline that too. They know queues are really bad on some servers and don’t want it to stay that way. (Also, the phrase “better than x-server” was said mistakenly.)
  • Q: Will there be a dx12 version or a 64bit client?
    A: The primary focus is that the game runs on as many computers as possible so they don’t know if they can do it.
    A: Lots of favourite characters will be in KOTFE.
  • Q: Will there be a lvl50/55 option for old PVE content or just 65?
    A: We will get level-sinking (downleveling characters temporarily) so all characters can play any FP together and no instanced PVE content gets obsolete.
  • Q: Will we get more stronghold locations? *bickering between questioner and dev bc they don’t like the Yavin IV stronghold* “WHAT, DON’T TELL ME YOU DON’T LIKE YAVIN IV” – “Balmorra is more beautiful”
    A: They take suggestions for that.
  • Q: ETA for next OP?
    A: There won’t be new OPs in 2015.
  • Q: Will some armor skins disappear again with KOTFE? (Like the Tionese sets etc.)
    A: They don’t plan on doing that, just add more, even to older planets and quest lines.
  • Q: Will classes that are currently underperforming in ranked be addressed?
    A: They will look into it.

One last thing before I go to bed: I recorded the Q&A with my phone and if I manage to upload it, give it a listen and compare it to what I jotted down. This is what I meant with the “devs are people” part in the last post. Short notes don’t get across what you feel when you hear (and see) them talking.



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