Aw, is it over already?

I’m alive! I successfully jumpstarted my heart and may be considered alive again.

My humble amout of loot (+ photo album at the bottom). Keychain is a gift from Nero. :)

Alright. Gamescom. Where to start? I already wrote about Thursday so I’m just gonna summarize Friday to Sunday. The less babbling the better.

Due to the extremely hot weather we decided to only stay a few hours each day at GC and that was a good idea. Our visits were short but fun – filled with amazing cosplayers, tense tournaments, fun demos and lots of getting lost. The area is vast and getting from one end to the other can be a tiny bit frustrating at times. But see for yourself – the pics will give you a much better idea of what we experienced than my clumsy writing!

>> Gamescom 2015 – Album

There was also a Star Wars exhibition in town; lucky us. GC visitors even got a discount on the tickets. We met up with Nero and his buddy in front of the Odysseum and went through it together. Not only do you get to see lots and lots original concept art and models up close, the exhibition is also interactive. At the entrance you get a wristband which saves your choice of species, origin etc. as you stroll through the area and encounter glowing hexagons which let you create your very own identity. I tried to recreate Ayy and it went relatively well! But again, I let the pics speak for themselves (I didn’t shoot everything, there’s much more to see there).

>> Star Wars: Identities – Album

You see, all that was really fun and totally worth a visit, but my personal highlights – no doubt – were the Cantina Tour evenings. I already talked a bit about them and posted the Q&A of Friday here, but I have more to show you!

As for the course of the events, it started with a Q&A with Darin De Paul (who is a most charismatic person, let me tell you), went on to the “main” Q&A before we played a few games for stuff like T-shirts (I got one!) and after that the BW employees mingled with the crowd, answered more questions and took silly pics with us.

A very silly picture.

Q&A with Darin De Paul

  • Q: How did you get into Valkorions voice?
    A: He had to orc-growl for 7 to 8 hours straight and his voice was damaged, that’s when he “discovered” the low and gravely voice.
  • Q: Some voice actors get a bit too much into their characters; does that happen to you too?
    A: No, he’s not “cool like that”.
  • Q: What was your codename while working on the xpac?
    A: Can’t tell us!
  • Q: What other characters did you voice?
    A: Blackhand in WoW, Reinhardt in Overwatch, Anub’Arak… He loves to game (Skylanders or KOTOR, anyone?) and originally did Shakespeare etc. on stage.
  • Q: Do you get the context for the voice acting you do?
    A: Rarely! Sometimes not even a picture or something, but he likes to close his eyes and strike an appropriate pose anyway.
  • Q: What’s your favourite SW movie?
    A: A New Hope, because it changed so much in the genre and in the industry. Threepio is his favourite character; he likes his personality.
  • Q: How did you get into voice acting for games?
    A: The most intriguing part of it is the writing. In games you can explore characters you could never play on stage. (Obviously.)
  • Q: Did you apply for the role of Valkorion or did they ask you?
    A: He got into the audition for SWTOR through his agent and was very excited about the opportunity.
  • Q: How often did you have to repeat the recording for the trailer?
    A: They finished it in about 8 hours and had to redo some phrases every now and then, when they tried different pauses for example. Originally, Valkorion talked much more in the trailer (especially in the throne room scene), but they cut it because it’s pretty much self-explanatory and gets the feeling across well.
  • Q: What’s your favourite SWTOR class?
    A: Scoundrel.

Main Q&A

Like I said, I already posted my notes here, but I also got an audio record of it. It illustrates nicely how I couldn’t possibly keep up with everything that’s been said there. Give it a listen! (Or jump to the end for something silly ;)

Games & Trivia

Shirts, novels and caps were up for grabs! We answered trivia questions, bet on De Paul’s ability to recite everything Valkorion says in the trailer and told each other silly jokes. In short: lots of fun.

Social time!

Some things I jotted down when the devs talked to the players. It’s not much unfortunately, because I’m a tiny person who usually gets to stand behind everyone else and I couldn’t hear them well. Boo-hoo.

  • SWTOR is canon as long as the lore people put in charge by Lucas don’t decide it’s not.
  • KOTFE will have the most companion action in terms of them playing an active part in the main story so far.
  • No new classes (far too much work obviously), but they think about creating new advanced classes in addition to the two per base class we have now – they wouldn’t have to come up with two new class stories for that new class + mirror class that way.
  • Musco plays Arsenal Merc.
  • Classes will see changes with KOTFE, so more and some less.
  • The decisions you make in KOTFE will be logged so characters in later story parts can react to them.
  • Most players play story/planetary content; the second biggest (but really much smaller) group is made up of warzone players and the smallest group is the ops players.
  • There are players who play since launch, are subbed since launch, and never had a single level capped character – and there are LOTS of them.
  • There’s a ton of PVPers (even entire guilds) who hop from server to server in search of shorter queue times based on forum rumours, which are just that – rumours. Their data often don’t reflect that, but that migration can severely alter a server’s community.

Oh dear. How long until next Gamescom?


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