Dealing with “character bloat”

Remember that one time BW freed up names of inactive low level characters? I do, because I was horribly excited for it.
You know, the name of the very first character I had in mind, way before the game launched, was Lyn. Lyn is a Twi’leki female given name and means snow. Generic and therefore highly contested for sure, so I figured that if I was fast enough at the first day of headstart I could snag that name and create her the way I had imagined her. But nope! 5mins after the servers opened the name was already gone on VC. Arrrrgh.

Anyway, long story short: back then I spent a whole afternoon researching which „common Twi’lek names“ would get freed up on the servers I was playing on at that time and I SNAGGED DEM ALL. I was so happy. Finally I could create characters with everyday names.

The problem is that that lead me to create lots of alts with pretty names but rather meaningless personalities and backgrounds. They didn’t mean much to me then and that hasn’t changed since. I call it character bloat. And I want to change it now. Cheap transfers make that extremely easy so I want to seize the opportunity.

My mains.

First things first: Which characters matter the most to me?

  • Serene, the deeply corrupted Sith-Xenobiologist who’s obsessed with creating the perfect heir and gathering information about… well, pretty much anything. She’s my oldest character with the most hours of playtime clocked.
  • Ayy, Serene’s second-born, who went through hell and back over the years. Twice. Not quite as old in terms of the creation date, but still my second “main”, so to say.

Huh. That’s it, actually. I’m a bit shocked to be honest. Only two?
But there are others, of course. Not quite as well fleshed-out, but still important in their own way.

Infamia, the baby Sith.

Those are:

  • Xiann, Serene’s first-born, Ayy’s confidant in the Republican army.
  • Invidia and Infamia, Serene’s youngest, the first force-sensitive offspring so she kept the two. Bad luck for them.
  • Neira, the timid but highly intelligent Imperial slave-sniper and medic.
  • Lyn, who represents Serene before her transition to the dark side.
  • (Vuren’rha, who was created for casual RP purposes.)

Lastly, we have the “bloat” characters: Aola, Jils, Daesha and Aayla. Don’t get me wrong, all of them have a basic character layout, but they just don’t matter at all and I would never flesh them out like the others. That’s why they’ll be repurposed – I won’t simply delete them. Some of them know schematics that can’t be obtained anymore and some classes just need to stay for completion’s sake (Guardian, for example). What I’ll do is “clone” my important characters through name- and appearance changes. Should be simple enough. The fact that there are multiple ways to spell Twi’lek names makes it super easy to have one character play two classes without resorting to unacceptable stuff like this: ´`^’-.

Bye, Aayla.
Bye, Jils.
Bye, Daesha.
Bye, Aola.



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