KOTFE wishlist and concerns

There are 37 drafts sitting in my folder. 37! Why did I decide against participating in Blaugust again?

One of those drafts contains notes about two KOTFE related things that have been floating around in my head for some time now: my wishlist and some concerns about the changes we will have to deal with. I’m still very much looking forward to diving into new content, but I lost my rose tinted glasses somewhere back when <Suppression> knocked them off my nose in an 8v8 ranked match.

Clipping. Nobody likes it.

My (KOTFE) Wishlist

I do not by any means expect all of this to be implemented with KOTFE, but it would at least be nice to have some of those things down the road, especially with the apparent story-focus in mind.

  • More appearance options for the alien species. More specifically I’d like to see more skin colours (teal, dark orange, purple, black, brown, white…), headband options or even facial piercings and pattern options for Twi’leks. And default red eyes. Those are actually not uncommon. C’mon, no more human favouritism!
  • Outfit designer for companions + lift of level restrictions
  • Option (!) to auto-hide weapons in conversations. Firstly some classes completely ignore equipped weapons anyway and will use generic blasters that appear out of nowhere, secondly some of the clipping could be easily avoided that way without having to equip and unequip weapons all the time.
  • Replayable cutscenes, more specifically class-stories or companion conversations. If that was really “it” for those two types of missions, at least let us relive them without having to roll alt after alt for it. I like my servers tidy.

My two big concerns re: KOTFE

  • Most of you probably already read that bit from the GC Cantina where a dev states that you will need to completely leave behind old content if you want to jump into KOTFE with a character (or something along those lines). If that is really true we should’ve gotten a heads up ages ago.
    Think about it: Everything we know so far points towards a “reboot lite” for which they’ll want as many people on their max lvl chars as possible: newfound story focus with episodic releases and related shift in use of resources, insta-lvl 60 characters, disabling x12 XP… setting a cut-off point in place after SoR fits that theme, but if I don’t know about it in time I will not simply abandon everything on that character without checking possible oversights first. That would delay my KOTFE start (potentially severely). Not to mention I would be pissed beyond imagination if I prepared everything from companion affection to gear on a character only to find out I have to play that Belsavis bonus mission first if I want want to experience it ever.
  • No (substantial) side-quests.
    Disclaimer: I was glad about the simple dialogue boxes in SoR. No important resources used on meaningless conversations and higher quality cutscenes where it matters is a good thing.
    Yesterday I finished organizing my huge-as-fuck screenshot folder. Naturally I came across pictures that made me feel nostalgic (damn, my mains are OLD), or made me laugh, or made me think about quests that I haven’t thought about in ages. That was when I started thinking about side-quests. Sure, they didn’t matter in SoR, but some of those older missions were – in my eyes – important additions to the bigger picture. Now I wonder… will KOTFE have those? Or will we be playing purely “main story” content?
    Honestly, I hope not. Not only because playing missions not related to the main story can be refreshing, but also because of … ugh… lightsaber-craze. Yeah, that’s what I’ll call it.
    Not that I have anything against force-centered stories, my main is an assassin after all – but there’s a reason I enjoyed the Agent and Trooper stories so much or why I love reading the X-Wing series. Experiencing the SW universe through the eyes of the non-special guys and gals has a special kind of charm, a charm I wouldn’t want to miss. I don’t want my soldier to constantly deal with force-users and their whining. She doesn’t care about that stuff at all.
    They’ll all become “Outlanders”. Not sure how I’ll take that loss of identity given how different all of my girls are.
trooper times
I wanna do trooper things with my trooper…
agent times
… and agent things with my agent.

I hope my thoughts weren’t too jumbled now.

All in all I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us… I’m just a bit worried that that still won’t be more enjoyable than rolling another alt and going through year-old content for the umpteenth time.


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