Save some credits and some nerves

SWTOR’s outfit designer may not be the industry’s best answer to the demand of cosmetic systems in MMOs, but it’s still a valuable addition to the game. Not only do we no longer have to augment multiple sets of armor if we want to spice things up every once in a while, we also don’t have to carry those sets in our inventory anymore. All in all, it’s a time saver I wouldn’t want to miss.

While that alone makes a feature like the outfit designer worth having, for me, the most important function it offers is the ability to finally wear slotless items. Especially the super low-level whites and greens can be real gems with unique ski

Why am I writing about such horribly obvious stuff? I want to help save you, my fellow SWTOR fashion victims, some money – even if it’s just through a simple reminder because you know about all this already anyway.

vuren 1

vuren 3

Take Vuren’rha, for example. I wanted something simple and jedi-like for him, but especially on RP/low-pop servers the simple stuff can be among the most expensive items on the GTN. Before the designer was introduced BW answered the community’s wish for non-fancy armor by putting orange versions of old skins on the Cartel Market, which could cost you an arm and a leg, and now even the crafted ones, if you are unlucky. They haven’t gotten any cheaper since, and I almost (!) spent an evening raging over that… but then I found that exact same skin on the Tython planetary vendor on the fleet for 8 basic comms.

Recent example, from Vanjervalis Chain (Ambitious Warrior Chestguard):

armor example 1

armor example 2

Another example for a look made with incredibly cheap “recycled armor” is this outfit I threw together for Ayy yesterday. Girl needed something more casual than the usual durasteel. You can find the exact item names on the respective TorFashion entry. Tatooine has fantastic lighting for shots like that, by the way.

cinders 8

cinders merged

cinders 12

Long story short, check planetary vendors and low-level GTN stuff first before you splash serious credits on overpriced shells. Don’t be borderline-dumb like me. Spending some time snooping around definitely pays off.


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