On the road to 60: 4/7

I’m fully back in the daily grind. After pulling a couple of characters through SoR content I know my way around again and things start to get comfortable once more. Being back in a game I truly know just feels really good. Being able to regularly chat with other friendly enthusiasts makes it even better. All this is important. Game hopping sucks.

The most urgent item on my pre-coffee to-do-list is getting seven of my ladies to 60 in time. Why only those seven when I have more characters? Because 1. they are my most important characters and will be pushed into the new content right away or 2. I want to dress them in lvl60 PVP armor before it gets pulled from the live servers.

I’m currently at 4/7 with all my VC characters being ready. It was a fun ride, honestly. Pub much more so than imp for some reason. Maybe it’s because Commando Ayy fits into the SoR story so easily, maybe it’s because Lana is snarkier there. In any case I giggled more often while playing pub side, even though Serene’s talk-shit-get-hit-by-lightning was quite fun too. It’s just that she would never actually bother with that shit.
For some reason I’m also a lot faster pub-side – mando!Ayy hasn’t even rescued Theron yet when she hit 60 whereas merc!Ayy needed to do additional dailies because SoR content wasn’t enough. Dunno how that adds up, but okay.

Anyway, my progression so far in pictures:

serene 60
Serene, after turning in the PVP daily.
merc ayy 60
Merc!Ayy, while doing some Oricon dailies. (Thanks, Gault!)
lyn 60
Lyn, while slaying Massassi near the Temple.
mando ayy 60
Mando!Ayy, while turning in Rishi side-quests.

Looks like I don’t need to stress about not being ready when Oct 27th is here.
Still, I wish we could buy PVP armor without being level capped (what’s the reason for this anyway?); or they could just keep the skins as empty shells in a seperate vendor, dunno.

ayy 60 troop 1
A bit of durasteel for the official jobs… 
ayy 60 smug
… and something more casual for off duty times. 

Ooooh, how I’m looking forward to leveling on TOFN. Short warzone queue times all night! Even I need a break from completing the very same quests over and over again in such a short timespan. No variation between classes (or even factions) is bad.

Hi there, Neira. Ready for battle?

And when I’m done with TOFN I can spend some quality time on Progenitor, uninterrupted, until Coffee hits. Sounds like a plan, right? Very much looking forward to that too.
If I’m honest, VC is getting on my nerves hard right now. I think the only reason I’m not transferring my whole legacy from there is that I’d lose most of my names. That, and nostalgia maybe.


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