There and back again

WildStar64 2015-09-29 17-44-53-63
So we meet again, darling. You can tell how long she’s been collecting dust by her lack of a surname.

Despite my personal taste ultimately driving me away from the game, WildStar has always been a diamond in the rough in my mind. Seeing it struggling so hard was sad, especially because lots of the things that made people leave probably could’ve been avoided rather easily.

Well, at least the dire situation (and my need for a proper secondary game) made the F2P announcement that much sweeter for me. I can’t bear WildStar’s extremely stylized art style and over-the-top humour for too long (which made paying for a sub simply not an option), but its super smooth combat and movement and general otherness makes it a good game for breaking up the daily SWTOR routine. You know, to keep things fresh on both sides.

Nostalgic Feelings, Good and Bad

Holy hell did I miss the music, the double jumps and the snark.

But I was especially excited to see my two WildStar favourites again: Mordesh Stalker Milena and my little boy Bigby, who was the very first male character I wanted to play regularly. I’m also finally able to display Milena’s surname, Kasparov. Hurray!

I’m not planning on playing her much, though. Before I quit the game I found out that the class that synergizes best with my playstyle is the Medic, but that was long after I rolled Milena as a Stalker. At launch I figured Stalker would be my in “comfort zone”, because I main a Darknessin in SWTOR. I was wrong. (Kind of – it’s just not the best for me. I still like it much better than Spellslinger for example.) It turned out that the lack of a guarding ability makes a huge difference. Who would’ve thought?

Anyway, I want to give WildStar a proper second chance and in order to do so I try not to repeat mistakes like that – but that’s where my problems start.

Not only was Stalker kind of suboptimal, the Exiles also didn’t mesh with me all that well. The logical conclusion would be to roll a Dommie Medic, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds (for me, at least).

Dominion side humans, Mechari and Chua can be Medics. Not only is my favourite Dommie species barred from vaporizing people with dubstep guns, but…

  1. Humans suck. That is a fact.
  2. Sociopathic rodents suck too. (Don’t lynch me!)
  3. Mechari would be okay, but it’s impossible for me to create one I like. I also can’t come up with a background concept.

In short, my genius plan was thwarted fairly quickly when I tried all possible species and sex combinations for my new Medic and couldn’t find anything I like. I usually prioritize class over species when necessary, and I would have done that if female Mechari had a head option I truly like, but it’s just too much in this case. I know I won’t ever touch a character whose appearance annoys me, so I will pick Bigby as my main for now and call it a day. #RpPvpPerfectionistProblems

Milena Kasparov, who I will probably reroll into a Medic. Don’t know if I’ll keep her Stalker version yet.
Can you tell why I called him Bigby? (Bigby Snowhunter, to be precise. Lol. Too much?)
Nysso, my new Exile Stalker. “νύσσω” is Ancient Greek and means something like “to hurt someone with thorns/spikes”. Fitting, isn’t it?

Edit: I decided to keep the original Milena on Luminai. Instead of having the Medic Milena + Stalker Nysso combo there, I’ll roll a male Mordesh Medic. That will be Luminai-only though. For the rest of the servers I intend to go with the trio pictured above.

First Impressions, Reloaded

There have always been things that WildStar did right; off the top of my head: the combat, the movement, the costumes, the lore, the housing system. But Carbine expanded that list with items that make me, personally, very happy.


They overhauled character creation and made it awesome. That’s huge for someone who spends so much freaking time in there, even if the options are rather limited. It’s not your standard dull click-click-done procedure; it’s engaging and explains everything fairly well.

They also overhauled the tutorial and made it equally awesome. You can clearly see that they wanted to make sure that the much longed for horde of newbies experience the best possible start. I for one took a look at each of the three options we have now and I’m delighted. First impressions really do matter a lot, and I wish more studios would take that to heart. Add to that a character selection screen á la Warhammer, some more appearance options, do away with the class restrictions and it would be perfect.

In terms of the ingame shop, keeping in mind how lenient their F2P system is, everything looks fine. Standard fluff we’re used to, no P2W in sight. In true WildStar fashion, even there the music and tooltips will make you chuckle. It also looks clean and is easy to navigate.

Oh, oh! The trailer. I almost forgot the trailer. I don’t know how to feel about the trailer. On the one hand it looks amazing (my gods what would I give for having graphics like that in the actual game), sounds amazing and feels amazing because they captured the spirit of the game perfectly. On the other hand… why so little love for the Dommies? Poor Dommies are getting the shaft again. I think this is a missed opportunity to promote the underplayed faction. Fingers crossed that they have another one from the Dommie PoV up their sleeves. (I don’t count on it, though.)

Alright, that was it from me in terms of ermagherd relaunch feels. Honestly, I have no idea if WildStar Reloaded will be sticky enough for me – but it did catch my interest again. So if you need someone to fail alongside you in Walatiki temple, drop me a line. I will eventually have a character on all sides on all servers, but most of them will naturally be pretty low level.


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