The end (of the wait) is nigh

So. Coffee, huh? The time from the announcement to now, one day before 4.0 drops, went by awfully fast.

Vuren Is A Jedi and A Dad

cinnamon roll
Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure

Vuren wasn’t really part of my KOTFE preparations in the sense that I really needed him to be 50, but I still wanted to see the end of the Consular story before I dive into the secrets of Zakuul. I just couldn’t stop guiding him through the galaxy once I realized how beautifully his own story started to unfold.

He guarded those in need, led the fallen back to the light, treated his crew like his children, made snippy remarks and jokes, expressed his lack of interest in politics, made good use of his force-persuasion skillz, displayed his martial prowess, showed no patience with the allies of the Dark Side and realized that he will never, ever be done learning (and teaching).

Talking to Qyzen taught him about tolerance.

Tharan and Holiday helped him cope with his technophobia.

Zenith tested his patience, but Vuren prevailed.

In Felix he found someone to share memories of war with.

Nadia he had to turn away for reasons personal and otherwise.

swtor 2015-09-27 03-30-37-79
Dad-Jedi, telling you to stop misbehaving.

You see, the Consular storyline can be dull as hell. I know that. I was bored to tears in my (attempted) first playthrough with Lyn, whom I dropped somewhere on Hoth. Whenever the convos got a bit more serious or impactful, I thought: Ugh, I can’t express her personality through any of the options on the dialogue wheel. That thought came to my mind so often. Too often, eventually.

That was pretty much never the case for Vuren and that made me so happy. He may be your typical Jedi on a lot of levels, but the story also let me act out the quirks that make him special (being freaked out by Holiday, telling Tharan not to get wasted, not caring about politics, being a tad too fond of fighting etc. …). Thanks to the x12 XP boost I was even able to skip most of the mob groups in his way, so I could emphasize his pacifist nature even more.

I’m glad experienced all this before 4.0, not only because now it can’t distract me anymore, but also because it motivated me a great deal.

swtor 2015-08-04 03-39-07-86
Sometimes he’s kind of a hippie…
vlc 2015-09-20 04-50-06-47
…and sometimes he isn’t.

Serene the Trailblazer

Someone called for the demon?

The answer to the question “Who will your Outlander be?” is, no doubt, Serene. No matter how many lovely alts I’ll roll, Serene will always be the centre of my SWTOR efforts.

I really miss Serene and her ability to calm me down by butchering and grilling the vermin of the galaxy. I’m very curious about how she will fit into the events that shake the Eternal Empire, or, to be more precise, I’m concerned that she won’t. But I vowed not to whine prematurely, so I’m not going to let that ruin the hype for me.

Talk shit get hit.
serene judging
Serene is having none of it.

I thought about frapsing the first run, but quickly discarded the idea. I want to enjoy the new chapters without constantly checking the disk space, the sound, the UI, the outfits and whatnot. Screenies only. If I want to have it in video form I’ll just do it again with one of her look-alike daughters.

I’m ready for all them pretty screenshots and hard decisions. Bring it on, BW!

For the sake of not turning this into an annoying wall of text, I’ll postpone the rest of my rambling/thoughts until tomorrow.


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