Ziost and other exciting bits and bobs

Currently I’m extremely busy being yelled at by professors mimicking Yoda’s voice for science (from 9am to 8pm, to be precise), which is undoubtedly delightful but also cuts into the time I usually spend writing, drawing or kicking republican butts. That’s why 1) I’m writing this stuff at half past midnight and 2) I’m still not done patching, so this is technically still pre-KOTFE for me. Pardon my ongoing hype about the things you’re already playing.

Ziost Stuff I’m Excited About

swtor 2015-10-19 23-17-50-46
What a beauty.

Ziost was the last item on my list of preparations to make before the expansion. I hadn’t seen its story yet, because this planet was introduced at a time I was still on hiatus. Pushing the relevant alts to 60 so they could snag some fancy PVP armour pieces before they’d vanish took priority because of the time pressure, but now that that’s done I could finally go there with Serene. And boy was I stoked.

The questline was short, sure, but that didn’t really bother me. I was too distracted by the beautiful, dark and corrupted scenery and atmosphere. It’s exactly what I imagined a planet drenched in the Dark Side to look like. The particle effects make Ziost look less bland than older planets. I think Serene has found a new holiday destination.

holiday destination
Taking a bath in the Dark Side.

What I also noticed was how much more you have to interact with the environment while questing there. You have to wander off the beaten path; you climb up and down rubble and buildings and jump around. The speeder you have to use to hurdle the fence is also a nice touch.

Lastly: the cutscenes. There was already a noticeable improvement with SoR, but in my opinion the Ziost scenes took it a little further. We see more unique animations that actually fit the situation, more facial expressions (eye squinting and rolling, smiles etc. – which is something I’ve been criticizing since launch), a greater variation of camera angles and generally more exciting cinematography. Also, bruises (on Theron’s face, because where else would they be). All of this helps a lot to avoid the Uncanny Valley. Good job!

swtor 2015-10-19 23-30-18-28
Bonus pic: spot the ‘sin.

KOTFE Stuff I’m Excited About

First, let me get something out of my system: FUCK YES ALL OF THE QOL CHANGES. FUCK. YES. Ahem.

Okay. I cannot wait to get my hands on the new companion system. Finally it gets the attention it deserves, because I think it’s a really valuable and unique feature; it just lacked the depth it now fortunately has.

The Dashade and his “little Sith” when she was indeed still very little. (Taken Feb 2012, oh my.)
aric ayy 16 zu 9
Team No-Bullshit, ready to save the galaxy.

I think my heart skipped a beat at the mention of cross class combos. Still having Jorgan (who can finally be equipped with a sniper rifle, thank the stars) at Ayy’s side when she’s out bounty hunting is more amazing than I could describe with words. Think about the possibilities. Think. About. Them.
And it only gets better with the now cosmetic gear and assigning roles (heal, dps, tank) at will. After years of running my Darkness Assassin with Khem – because they’re BFFs4EVA – it will be a real pleasure watching him smash people with the right amount of oomph. Khem is to Serene what Jorgan is to Ayy in my head. Those two will never run with any other companions.

Okay, that might be a lie – but only because we have combat pets now. Combat pets. What a brilliant idea, honestly. Expanding the system that way (thus adding to the depth I mentioned earlier) is not only amazing for me who loves non-humanoid companions – which will be especially delightful for my xenobiologist Serene, who doesn’t mind some Affectionate Slobber – but also for BW who found another way to tickle more money out of us. Now if only the GTN prices weren’t so ridiculously steep; I can hear my poor PVPer’s wallet cry already. #ForeverBroke

I’m also pretty curious about the influence system. All that “Companion X agrees.” and “Companion Y will remember this.” stuff instead of just plain affection point gains makes it a lot more… tangible for me, in a way. Reminds me of the way Telltale handles social interaction in their games.

Never gonna give you up… ♪

Oh dear. There’s so much more I’m looking forward to (like the Legendary Status, because bragging rights are srs biz), but it’s far too much to cram into a blogpost; so I’m going to stop here and go back to staring at the launcher’s loading bar. If I’ve convinced you by now that I’m, you know, excited, my job here is done anyway. And it’s not like I have to tell you about what’s new in KOTFE, right? Heh.

Just one last thing:

Spoiler Stuff I’m Not So Excited About

This is just a(nother) gentle reminder to not ruin other people’s fun. If you CANNOT CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT, you can use rot13.com to encrypt and decrypt spoilers (only text, no screenshots).

(I found this via @Chadrassa, thank you!)


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