Enjoying the little things (again)

I’m currently very busy studying 24/7 while also being sick all the time. The only pastime I engage in right now is watching Let’s Plays and playing SWTOR – you know, the kind of stuff that doesn’t require much thinking (and thereby energy). Energy is precious and I have to be careful with the amount I have.
I’m behind on the things I want to draw and paint, on books to read and of course on blogposts to write. Once I get the last exam before Christmas out of the way, approximately in a week from now, I’ll hopefully be relaxed enough to tend to those things again. I have opinions about KOTFE and subscriber rewards and NiM ops that need to be spilled somewhere.

In the meantime I’m going to tell you a bit about Serene. She is my darknessin and main from the (head-)start. This Twi’lek has gone through a lot over the years, both in-game and in my head, and I’m most happy with the result.

You know, seeing the character you carefully and thoughtfully shaped in your mind come to life on screen is honestly one of the most important things for me in a game. Writing stories and drawing pictures is one thing; actually caving in virtual skulls and leaving an impression on others (hello PVP) with them is another thing entirely. And over time, BioWare has implemented a lot of things that bring Serene’s in-game avatar very very close to her concept.

  • Dark-side effects that allow for a black/white/red colour scheme to accompany the obvious detrimental effects of being a creature of the dark side.
  • Armor that shows both her affinity to the dark side and her love for technology.
  • Tech-staffs being made viable for ‘sins and shadows. Lightsabers can sometimes hamper your assassination plans with their conspicuousness.
  • (Female) Varactyl mounts, both a healthy and a sickly version.
  • Titles that make some of her traits stand out more (Beastmaster, Master Artisan, Loremaster…).
  • A Stronghold to fill with droids, technology, artifacts and creatures.
Philosopher and scientist, armed with both a lightsaber and a datapad and specimen bottles, just in case.
Her Varactyl Nima, who is also part of her background story. I’m currently working on the infected version – fits the Sith theme better.
The lab in her stronghold, soon to be moved to Yavin (personally I’m hoping for either Ilum or Voss to become available).

Those are the things I can list from the top of my head. I’m writing about this now because my little force-using Xenobiologist will soon have another detail added to her that I’m extremely excited about – a nexu companion. In my stories (which are in German, so I won’t post them here) she hand-raised two nexu, one for each daughter. I don’t care about the millions it will cost – there’s no mandatory credit sink for me besides kits and augments and Serene is already wearing BiS. What do I farm credits for, to look at the balance while drooling on the keyboard? Nah. I want to have something for the time I put in, and that’s the perfect item to start with. After that I can concentrate on getting the Yavin stronghold, or a jetpack mount for Ayy. All the fluff, all the time. What else to spend the credits on anyway?

Creature Companion- Nexu_New
One of the good things interchangeable companions have – animal comps are now a thing. Much love for those. They also make the wait for Khem that much more bearable. (Image courtesy of torcommunity.com)

Anyway. Running H2s between warzones and passively accumulating credits to buy neat fluff with is all the entertainment I need for now (coupled with a bit of achievement hunting). As a PvPer my main source of content are other players and that works okay for now. Not that I’d complain about playing Chapter X a teensy bit earlier…


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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