Today I did a thing. I grouped with TWO RANDOM PEOPLE to do PVE STUFF. Contrary to my expectations, I did not die from it.

other people

Context: Shortly after 4.0 launched I saw someone sporting the “Ever-Watchful” title and though: Ooh, that’s a nice title for a tank and notorious node-guarder. (A reliable one, I might add.) Google revealed that in order to obtain it, I have to use the macrobinoculars ability and take a look outside the windows of a star fortress. All right, I thought. I didn’t do that particular questline yet, but it can’t be that hard, right?

Boy, was I wrong. Most of the questing went smooth… until, at the very end of this scavenger hunt, I was presented with a mission that requires 4 people to do it. A whole group. No way around it. Force speed and phasewalk didn’t even get me beyond the first 4-player-check.
Let me tell you, I almost exploded. I basically have no connections on my server and even if I did, finding people willing to go through it is nigh impossible at this point. BW should rework this into a H2 at max, but they probably won’t because it would require a serious amount of effort.

Eventually my long-time companion in gaming (I probably have him at 50 influence by now), Elrion, helped me out. He got two guys from his new guild to join us with the promise of it taking only two minutes; never has there been a more insidious lie, but they survived it. Both the cutscenes and the puzzles themselves are actually pretty well done; I had my fun doing those. Group content matters. cough
Having a guild again would be great too… but where to find a guild where I actually fit in?

In any case, I couldn’t wait and entered a solo SF to see if I could spot the little droid anywhere. In the first try I was a little too excited, broke a window and stepped outside into the chilly atmosphere of the universe.

swtor 2015-12-09 23-53-37-61
Not working as intended I suppose.

This spot in the Hoth SF seems to be a pretty safe bet by the way, if any of you want to complete this achievement too. Just remember that you have to have completed the macrobinoculars questline because only the actual ability will work, not the quest item.

swtor 2015-12-10 00-22-39-59
No need to scan the whole window, you’ll notice the droid once you look through the binoculars.
swtor 2015-12-10 00-22-49-43
There we go!

I’m not only posting this because I’m excited about the title, but because I think that group content is important – yes, even in SWTOR, even for me. I spend 95% of my playtime alone. Heck, I spent most of my MMO career completely avoiding talking to anyone no matter what I was doing, and I was fine with it. But an MMO without group content? #Nope. This game would be (and right now is, actually)  a mere shadow of what it was and could be. I often play alone, true. But the fondest memories I have are all tied to a social experience – trying operations with my PVP guild, setting foot in 8v8 ranked, dueling friends for the sake of practice, spending a whole afternoon on the fleet datacron, getting accused of cheating by others simply because you know your partner by heart in PVP… none of that would have happened if not for group content. I’m just now realizing that the only MMOs I keep coming back to are the ones I truly socialized in. Truly socializing is not possible in a game that only keeps adding stricly solo-mode instances to it. The thought is kind of disgusting to be frank.


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