Dodging the droid

The future of my dedication to SWTOR is uncertain, thanks to the kind-of-maintenance mode it’s in, but I don’t plan on leaving just yet. What I will do is unsub until after the cutoff date for HK-55, because…

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… I can’t have another companion I don’t care about clutter up my roster. I would probably only have the options of either a) try to ignore the alert which is annoying as hell or b) recruit him which I really don’t want to. At least I didn’t see a way to dodge Niko; he even survived the foul explosive drink I served him on purpose. The purpose was for you to die, Niko, so you failed me on your first vital mission.

… Lana unambiguously explained that he’s gone for good and that he wanted it that way. It was his choice. (Mind the keyword.)

… all the “rewards” that follow will apparently have something to do with HK-55 and, like I said, I do not care. I don’t want to tidy out even more trash from my mailbox. (Eventhough I may still have to live with those should I choose to resub.)

… that silly bonus-chapter in August will most likely not be worth the hassle, judging from past experience.

… it is attached to time-gated story content. Fuck that. (How well fleshed out could it be in this case anyway?)

… I got the opportunity to tell them about why I’m bored with this game right now on my “way out”.

They had the option to give us real subscriber rewards, the kind of reward that you earn for subscribing for X months at any point in time and that grant us a few things with a wider appeal (unlockable dyes anyone?), but they chose to go that route and I frankly can’t be arsed to follow. Just leave me alone with this silly stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Dodging the droid”

    1. Yeah, they REALLY LOVE HK-55 and believe we do so too. It’s kinda funny considering they gave away an important moment in KOTFE (for those that haven’t played it yet) and at the same time completely took away said importance.


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