The rain doesn’t let up

I feel like venting a little. (Consider yourself warned.)

I love Star Wars; it’s one of my favourite universes. To me it’s similar to the Neverending story, given how many creative minds helped shape it – just in space! With lots of amazing alien species and stuff! It’s hardly surprising that I’m so in love with it – which is why SWTOR is so near and dear to my heart, too.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so emotionally invested in my characters before, even though I don’t actively engage in RP anymore. The wonderful stories that make up the core of this game suck you in and never really let you go again. Where else can you relieve stress by watching your deeply corrupted alien Sith, zapping and force-crushing people when they act up, in beautiful, fully voiced cutscenes?
And believe it or not, but I’m still having fun in PVP – especially now that I’m slowly making connections on my main server again. (Very slowly, but progress nonetheless.) There’s just nothing like a familiar and active community and all the – mostly – fun drama that comes with it.

Unfortunately, all this is currently overshadowed by a long laundry list of bullshit that plagues this game: Bugs (so.fucking.many.), very little new content with practically no variety that is stretched out over months, generally sloth-like cadence concerning everything from communication, bugfixing and taking care of exploits to balancing, their bait-and-switch like strategies (can’t take their word for anything), mind-boggling (design) decisions like the NiM-loot farce, the 2-day “early access” that isn’t really one or the time-gated revival of HK-55, the fact that the game feels like it’s finally in maintenance mode…

This is neither worthy of an AAA MMO, nor of the Star Wars name. Too much bullshit, seriously.

Some of Bioware’s decisions could make the toughest Sith Lord cry.

Right now I’m utterly torn between my fondness of this game and the fact that I’m questioning my decision to stay subbed on a daily basis. It’s not actually worth the money, in my opinion – not in its current state anyway. But I still have things to experience (and Pubs to crush) that are mostly unconnected to KOTFE – nothing has changed for those, they are as enjoyable as they were before.

What after I’m done with that, though? Will I actively look for a guild to keep me distracted or will I simply walk away again? Last summer I was ecstatic when I was able to rekindle my excitement for this game. I was enjoying myself again and KOTFE, with all its sweet sweet promises, was right around the corner. I don’t want my motivation to log on to evaporate so soon again, but it’s become increasingly harder to ignore the directionlessness of SWTOR. I’m not sure I’ll be able to decide on where to go from here anytime soon too. Nostalgia knows her Force persuasion.


Also, this.


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5 thoughts on “The rain doesn’t let up”

    1. I bet SWTOR is pretty exciting for a newcomer, there’s looots of content to explore. :) But there’s very little on the horizon for people who’ve seen it all, multiple times, in the last couple of years unfortunately.


  1. If you are having fun, what’s to worry about? Too many negative people outspeak over the game versus the many that are having fun and can care less what the negatives are doing.

    While the current lack of true content across all sources if pathetic, I find the GSF, PVP and minor things in the game pure fun and the main reason I still log on.

    While I may be average at unranked PvP. I find it’s constant changing groups to be rewarding to play…win or lose. The new map will help (whenever it comes out) to renew some fun in this area. I just hope some form of new content comes out this year in the form of a flashpoint or end game instance 9 that provides true difficulty) and some love for the GSF folks.


      1. Then really it;s keep play, take a break and play other games and come back or just quit the game and move onto something new.

        It’s a hard choice but basically what it boils down to.


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