Hovering in style

I have it. I finally have it!

vroom vroom

Context: I keep a short wishlist of things I can buy with credits – the nexu was one of them, for example. So I run heroics and check the GTNs on different EU servers for bargains. Yay for 90CC transfers. It’s mostly stuff that would help me flesh out my characters’ apprearance, broadly speaking, a bit more: armor, weapons, mounts, a certain stronghold that fits.

Recently I was keeping an eye out for a good jetpack deal (the J-37 version, because it is the one with the most simple design). My limit was 8 million credits; and while I waited for the right moment to strike, the credits kept accumulating to a nice cushion of 12 million credits total – more than enough so I can still afford aug’ing alts and such. That’s pretty much the only other thing I need credits for besides fluff. Aaaand today the wait is over, because I was able to snag one for 7kk on TRE. Hooray! You can imagine how excited I was; it adds so much flavour to my beloved little bounty hunter. Jetpack: check. Ayy already looks pretty close to my mental image. And now, SWTOR, give me a dark orange skin colour option ffs.

Okay, that’s that. What’s next? Hmm, I think the Yavin stronghold. Or maybe the Whitefang… can’t resist this mount, my legacy name is Whiteclaw after all.

Moral of the story: even though all of the shiny stuff is on the GTN these days, it can still potentially feel like an accomplishment if you gather the necessary credits by playing the game.


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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