Rishi datacron hunt

swtor 2016-01-21 19-31-46-59

swtor 2016-01-21 19-31-38-00

swtor 2016-01-21 19-28-37-28

swtor 2016-01-21 19-26-30-73

swtor 2016-01-21 19-21-44-18

swtor 2016-01-21 19-11-04-43

I know some people despise datacrons. I don’t. SWTOR may be a pain in the ass when it comes to jumping puzzles, but once you get the hang of it it’s such a nice, relaxing pastime to engage in either alone or with friends. It’s a reason to go back to spots you haven’t been to in a while, enjoy the scenery from a whole new angle and get something useful (but not really essential) at the end of the hunt that doesn’t even depend on your combat skills – achievement points and titles included. I wouldn’t want to miss these little puzzles and journeys in a game – it’s part of the immersion for me. Now I’m almost glad I can’t trasfer my legacy to the US servers.


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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