Has someone mentioned all the bugs yet?

Apparently there are people who think stuff like the so-called ‘ops-channel bug’ in warzones doesn’t exist. Trust me, it does – and it is annoying as hell.

opsbug 1
After loading into the warzone.
opsbug 2

Reloading the UI fixes it.

It will screw up your interface, sometimes more and sometimes less. Screwups may involve a missing ops channel so you can’t efficiently communicate with your group, a jumbled scoreboard (confusing!) and/or the keybinds of your temporary skillbar not working. You can imagine how fun it is to guard a node, get attacked and realize that you can’t call inc because the channel vanished… or trying to pass the huttball while half of the enemy team is on your heels, hammering on the keybind until you notice that the slot doesn’t show the respective key anymore.

Fortunately, it can be fixed fairly easily (assuming you pay attention early enough in the warzone): press control + U two times. This will reload your UI. Done!

And never let anybody talk shit about you because you couldn’t call inc thanks to that. This bug is real and it’s an effin’ nuisance.

Talking about bugs…

BW pls


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