Alien superiority

Have something lightweight while I’m studying for my next two exams (animal communication, whoo!).

A few days ago I found these old screenshots (from March 2012!) of the last inquisitor story scenes. I remember I only just pulled the lowest tier PvP chestpiece out of one of those horrible RNG bags and was so excited about how detailed it looked compared to the lowbie armor that I held off on the last cutscenes so I could take pretty screenshots with Serene wearing it.

I don’t like the armor that much anymore but I definitely still love the screenshots and how confident she looks – the alien Sith, ready to crush anyone who dares question her abilities. It also captures her quiet, enigmatic and scheming personality quite well. Nevermind the awkward lekku bending.

Screenshot_2012-03-27_23_09_34_111637 s2 Screenshot_2012-03-27_23_09_58_769048 Screenshot_2012-03-27_23_10_06_712502 (2)


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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