A hunter moves on

Moving Along
On her way to meeting her new mental room mate.

The Next Chapter

KOTFE felt better the second time. I don’t know if it’s just because the initial awkwardness that the drastic 4.0 changes inflicted upon me waned over time, or the slightly different path I took, or if it’s because Ayy is a more suitable character to take through this story, but I suddenly cared for all these characters – even the minor ones like Tora and the rest of that ragtag gang. Even the NPCs that inhabit the corridors, those you usually pass by without really taking note of them. They have some interesting or even funny lines of dialogue that help bring the setting to live; it even changes accordingly as the story progresses. I didn’t notice before. So many little details to behold in KOTFE. (I recorded two NPC conversations here and here.)

About Ayy being the superior Outlander – Of course Serene fits much better in this whole Valkorion-makes-himself-comfortable-in-your-mind-scenario (and every time he opens his mouth it sounds like force user mindsex to me to be frank), but there’s a good amount of social interaction going on too, especially later on when the alliance is established. Serene is not the person for that. Even the Darth Nox variation of her is too secretive and asocial to be part of a group of people who rely so heavily on each other while going through these hardships. But her daughter is. Ayy can be a leader if she needs to, and The Brat Duo made sure that said need is there. After a long, long time of living the lonely life of a hired gun it’s almost refreshing to see her becoming part of something greater again – something that involves trust, commitment and mutual support. Sure, as someone who can only wield blasters (and words) and not the Force she should’ve died a thousand times over the course of the nine chapters… but Valkorion healing her makes for a good excuse I think.

But let’s be clear here, this alone should’ve cost her at least an arm:

Yes, dear. Cloning. Because Vaylin and Arcann are basically indistinguishable from Valkorion.

This is so her. Nevermind that she’s in grave danger already and just lost her mental privacy to what is supposedly the most powerful being in the galaxy – let’s diss his love life I’M SURE THAT WILL HELP A TON. I missed out on far too many hilarious lines because of Serene’s unwillingness to speak when not absolutely necessary. She hates to talk. And people. And everything, really. #SithLife

Speaking about missing out: by sparing the two dumbasses Novo and Balisk I found out that the latter is gay – and that Novo is possibly even his husband. Sneaky, BioWare, sneaky.

Novo & Balisk

Well, chapters I-IX were just the prelude though. The only reason I pulled her through KOTFE right now is Aric of course; but it also gave me the opportunity to examine Ayy’s personality further, for which I’m grateful. The horror of being robbed of her freedom (of both body and mind) and the realization that she’s irrefutably entangled in this terrifying mess that plagues the known galaxy led this egocentric and slightly nihilistic bounty hunter back to her roots as a dedicated team player. The wounds caused by betrayal and watching loved ones die may finally heal that way. But I’ll explore all that thoroughly when I edit the videos; I intend to put them up on YT.

Apropos videos – all the praise I have for KOTFE can’t conceal the fact that it feels more like an interactive movie than a game, let alone an MMO, at this point. I don’t know if BioWare Austin maneuvered themselves into a corner here or simply found their niche, but running down corridors while hacking away at Skytroopers gets old real quick. Here’s hope for more variety in the future.

Tribute to the Squad That Was

No more hunting together.
The cookie jar I’ll bring you when I come home will be THIS BIG, promise!
Goodbye demon boy, I’ll forever be sad about you not being romanceable.
And YOU Skadge can finally die in a ditch like you were predestined to!

I have to admit though, of every companion crew this is probably my least favourite so far. Really patchwork-y, but not necessarily in a good way. Makes moving on that much easier.

Bonus .gif because adorbs.

goodbye gault


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