The Eternal Championship; a first impression

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I demand a cookie.

I’m fairly sure I’m not the target audience for the Eternal Championship, but I decided to hop onto the PTS and try it anyway. More enjoyable solo content can’t hurt, right? And after they delayed it for so long time I got curious and wanted to know what the fuss is about. Long story short, I almost one shot it using my main Serene, a Darkness Assassin, and Pierce at lvl35 influence. Almost, because I didn’t pay attention to the last phase in round 10 and died to the electric telegraph that reduces the usable area to the center part. Stoopid Twi’lek.

Anyway, have a short first impression from the perspective of an RP-PVPer:

•    I had a MUCH harder time going through the rounds on my merc than on my ‘sin. I guess some classes will have an easier time with the EC than others.
•    Comp level seems to have a big influence too.
•    Why on Earth Zakuul is there no terminal in the cantina?
•    Speaking of missing things, shouldn’t there be Bowdaar somewhere? I neither saw him in the EC area, nor did an alert pop up.
•    The dialogue is fun, but the atmosphere within the arena could use a little polish. Cameras, more spectators, whatever.
•    Cooldowns should reset when in intermission. The descriptions of your next opponent are nebulous at best. Isn’t this targeted at PvE rookies?
•    The VO of the commentator should only play once should you fail a round. Gets really annoying after a while.
•    The laser in the last round either needs a nerf or a way to avoid it, otherwise this might be too hard on squishy classes. The Breaktown Brawler fight is a huge clusterfuck too; the player shouldn’t need to rely on the NPCs to give them the opportunity to separate the three appropriately, that should be possible with slows or roots.

There were other, unrelated things that caught my attention – the outdated transfer process that doesn’t account for all your settings (outfit designer, strongholds…) or the buggy legacy unlocks. I contemplated posting in the feedback thread on the PTS forums, but I have nothing to add to the numerous people that left theirs already. The EC is fun and has a lot of potential (assuming they fix the weird contrast between the difficulty and the item level of the rewards), but it’s going to be neglected if the chapter requirement stays as is and the vendors’ inventory doesn’t expand considerably.


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