Motivation when you need it

Many exciting and wonderful things happened recently. ‘Tis a good enough reason to write them down, riiiight?

Bright Visions in the Dark

Bend or break.

I’ll make this short (and relatively spoiler-free). I loved it. It was long enough, advanced the story in an interesting way (choices included), took place in a setting that was interesting to explore and incorporated quite a few novel gameplay elements. Definitely takes the lead as my favourite post-KOTFE-launch chapter so far, and I sincerely hope that this is a trend that will continue throughout the rest of this season.
As of today I only played through it as a force user and I’m super curious how it will feel when going through it with Ayy, my hunter.

Still, there were three things that I found annoying and/or unnecessary:

  1. The backpack. What exactly was that needed for? It’s a nice idea, but please, don’t force it on us. At least make it so we can click it off our buff bar. My Sith lord suddenly looked like a pathfinder and I don’t appreciate that. I firmly believe that she was the greatest terror in that wood after Uncle Valk left and she can certainly do without a bedroll and a can of bug spray.
  2. The abundance of stealth mobs. All they did was annoy and distract me from the wonderful serenity that permeated this chapter. There doesn’t always need to be a pack of mobs every few metres if you ask me. Sometimes less really is more.
  3. The ending. The cliff-hanger is fine, but it was a bit too abrupt for my taste. Not that big of a deal though.

On the key subject of the chapter (minor spoiler): As much as I usually enjoy the simple Light/Dark binary – and trust me I really do – exploring the Force in its grey shades is very intriguing. So intriguing in fact that Serene’s whole character is based exactly around that. That’s why I didn’t mind the theme that was going on in Chap XII; quite the contrary. But I do have to admit that it feels forced – many of the characters that players take through KOTFE are probably long established ones that “grew up” and were created in the context of said binary. Going from Barsen’thor and Dark Lord of the Sith to “cooperate with the other side or else” this quickly… let’s say I can’t blame the people who were upset over this. If Serene wasn’t designed as a Jedi who fell to the Dark Side in pursuit of the “twilight zone” I probably would’ve been miffed too. I guess we’ll just have to see how all this plays out later on.

Reclaimed Treasure Consolation Prize

Spoiler Alert: Ak’ghal Usar recruitment quest.

Okay. So. The Dashade. /inhales deeply
HE IS NOT A KHEM REPLACEMENT. Important information. /heart melts

I said I’d only recruit any other Dashade besides Khem on the condition that the alert was really well done, and… what can I say, it was. BUT STILL I FEEL SO FILTHY NOW FORGIVE ME, KHEM. PLEASE.
(To my defence, TOR!Serene would’ve kept him, though, so that’s what I did. His story piqued her interest and one Dashade is better than no Dashade, especially in the face of the Eternal Empire.)

Jokes (mostly…) aside, I think that this riddle alert is a valuable addition to the game in the sense that it shakes up the dull go-there-and-kill-that routine, which is sorely needed in SWTOR if you ask me. I had A BLAST figuring out how to deal with the artifacts, even though I have to admit that I vastly overestimated the difficulty at first and actually discarded the right answer at the beginning because I thought it was too obvious. A pity and kind of a missed opportunity there, but at the same time I don’t really expect them to gate a companion behind a riddle that’s actually challenging. They definitely need to expand the quest area to include the space outside the cave too though; took me ages to realize I need to look outside for the missing piece. Anyway, like I said – much love for this.

As for Usar himself… nothing fancy here; uses one of Khem’s customizations and babbles about similar stuff as he did, but in a different voice at least. I’d love to see what the encounter between him and Khem would look like when the latter finally comes back. Antagonistic? Interested? So many possibilities.


little sith

Alliance Failing Grounds

This warzone needs some tweaks and so do the classes, that much is certain – but I still enjoy it a lot and I’m looking forward to having it pop in a working map rotation and playing it with my friends without needing to q sync. Not to mention launching S7 with that buggy as hell Rishi arena. Way to ruin what could have been a much needed breath of fresh air for the PvP community with a continued display of BWDGAF.

To all the people who complain about APG being too confusing: Play it a few times. Memorize the map. Read the fucking tooltips. WIN. It’s not that hard. I for one am glad that they gave us a map that plays a little different than the rest. Braindead zergs actually hurt your team here.

Also, props for the PVE/PVP instances. First time in years I’ve gotten into spontaneous owPVP; I was so taken by surprise I hit every keybind… just not the ones I needed to hit.

All Aboard the Hype Stream

I don’t even know what to say other than HELL FUCKING YES GAULT AND VETTE CAN THIS GET ANY BETTER the answer is NO it can’t. Ahem. Excuse my numerous outbreaks today. Seriously though the word to describe my excitement wasn’t invented yet. Totally makes up for the inconveniences that come with the new story format. Gosh, if this isn’t the perfect chapter to play with Ayy I dunno what.

Flirt options for both or RIOT.

goodbye gault
My precious Devaronian unicorn.

Off Topic Addenda: Rogue One & Work

See above, basically. I was dying for this movie to happen ever since the title was announced because I love the X-Wing series and everything Star Wars that’s not Force-centric. I was cautious at first but now with the trailer out it looks like everything I could’ve hoped for, namely a piece of the old trilogy that I, a young person, can experience when it comes out together with all the other SW lovers.

Also: Ravens. I recently started working on the big prosociality project which is incredible but also exhausting as fuck which is why I’m writing all of this a week later than intended. Fml.

Thanks for hanging in there and sorry not sorry for the excited babbling.

\o\ \o/ /o/


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