Help me, SWTOR player, you are my only hope

I have a problem. It’s called art block. The motivation is there (in principle), but the inspiration isn’t – which is unfortunate, because I badly need to get back to practicing. It’s been ages since I regularly drew anything. I very much want to change this… and you can help me, if you want.

The practice goals: Face shapes, facial expressions, colour use.

The deal: You donate one or more SWTOR screenshots (by providing a link either on Twitter or here in the comments), so I get diverse references to practice with. No money involved on your end, and no promises whatsoever on mine – but you could potentially walk away with a neat little bust sketch of one (or more) of your characters without investing anything.

This is what I’d expect a screenshot to look like: from a cutscene, because there’s where the facial muscle action is happening, face fully visible, from a well-lit scene if possible.

Example: No helmet or mask, facial details are visible, and the facial expression deviates from the usual neutral one at least a little bit.

The plan is to make a pencil sketch first and turn it into a digital line art afterwards, which might also get coloured if I have the time and energy. Results will be posted here, of course.

Again, no promises. University is killing me right now, as are my silent panic attacks, but I’ll do what I can. I sorely miss drawing and painting, and I hope this is the little push I need.

You can take a look at previous pieces on my artwork page (the link is in the navigation bar above).


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

9 thoughts on “Help me, SWTOR player, you are my only hope”

  1. Hiya. I searched my screenshot collection for shots of characters making all sorts of facial expressions and found a bunch. It’s a bit many, so hopefully the commenting system won’t block me. On the positive side: there’s a higher chance that there’s something useful for you in there.

    Keep up the drawing, your stuff looks awesome!

    Evil marauder Waseme

    Sage Ravanel

    Sorcerer Fárah


    Juggernaut Neserys

    For anyone that is not Ethuiliel wanting to use the above images: please refer to when you post them somewhere. :)

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