Gamescom 2016: Thursday

Hello again, Cologne.

Ever since Gamescom became a thing in my life, August suddenly was up there in my top 3 list of months.

I am back in Cologne, roaming the fair grounds at the Köln Messe Deutz with my good friend Elrion once again.

This year started off much better than the last one simply because I didn’t have to “sleep” in a much-too-big-for-me train seat for 10 hours on my ride to Cologne. Yay for that. (I also had a venti chai latte afterwards, so that helped.)

Lucky Socks
My lucky socks, to ward me against all evils on this trip.

Despite the unimaginable masses of visitors and the graver-than-usual security concerns the queues moved relatively fast and the security people seemed to have everything under control. Another +1 towards the „good start“ list.

We decided to take it slow on the first day; we know how taxing it can be to go from a night on the train directly to the fair grounds from experience after all. Thursday was reserved for poking around the halls for a bit, deciding what we‘d like to see more of –  that kind of stuff. We did get caught up in front of the Blizz booth though to watch Set Sail For Fail and From Scratch battle each other in a dungeon speed-run. TIL: Elevators are not to be trifled with.

You can never go wrong with positioning yourself in front of the Blizz booth.

My highlight of the day definitely was the Legion Café. Despite feeling just a teensy bit out of place (I DID know the answers to some of the trivia quiz questions though!) it was a great experience in an amazing location with fun activities and – who would’ve thought? – delicious food. Is there a more appropriate way of having dinner while attending Gamescom?
They even had a green screen where you could get a photo of you besides your own WoW character. Never before have I been more regretful for not creating a WoW account.

Speaking of which: This might have pushed me just far enough to finally install the trial version of WoW. But I’ve said this a dozen times before and never actually followed through. Time will tell.


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