Gamescom 2016: Saturday

The best things come in threes, they say. This holds true for the number of days I spend at Gamescom at least; two are too few, four are too many. Three are just right.

Thus, Saturday was our last day. We checked out at 11am, left the backpacks in a locker at the main station in Cologne and made our way back to the fairgrounds one last time. I still hadn’t gotten around to buying gifts for my friends… mostly because until then we were completely oblivious to the existence of hall 5.2, the home of the merchandise booths.

An Eevee and a Link button for myself, the other button for my bestie, and the mushroom for a good friend (who happens to be a huge Nintendo fan), who spent the last ten days in the hospital.

I also got to see FNATIC live in action as they went up against Team Liquid in Heroes of the Storm. I usually cheer for their LoL team in ESL tournaments, so seeing FNATIC members up close like that was nice.

After the HotS shenanigans were over the Last Bastion short started playing again. Unfortunately I missed the premiere (we were on our way to the Legion Café at that time), so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was. Conveying mood and emotion effortlessly like that and without the use of language is tricky and I congratulate the creators for pulling that off.

Saturday continued the tradition of the first two days in the sense that we spent 90% of the time in front of the Blizzard stage. What can I say? They know how to entertain the crowd.

Let’s take the cosplay contest, for example. The place before the stage never fills up quicker than when the cosplayers take the spotlight. But instead of describing the awesomeness to you, I’ll leave you this video here. Don’t be alarmed by the length, if you only want to see the costumes you don’t need to go all the way through.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Video Games Live performed as the last act of the day. I already saw them once when they played at the Konzerthaus in Vienna and knew we were in for a treat. They didn’t disappoint us.

WoW soundtracks live!

At 7pm we decided that we should head back to the main station so we wouldn’t miss our trains. Bye bye Gamescom, it was pleasure. Until next time.

And what did we end this wonderful weekend with, besides the expected delay of our trains?


Starbucks help us.



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