Twi’lek Tuesday: Serenity

Sitting among the flowers

You could ask Vuren about what he loved most in the whole galaxy and he would answer you three things: children, close combat and Tython.

It was one of these sunny days where nothing could disturb him. Deeply rapt in his afternoon contemplations Vuren’s mind swayed to the rhythm of the wind that lightly tugged at the surrounding canopy. The stone he was leaning against, arms crossed behind his head, felt warm against his lekku. A Twi’lek can’t simply lay down on his back, you know?

“You know what, little friend?” he said to the beetle perched upon a blade of grass beside him. “I wish I could stay here forever.”

“Maybe one day, when my body will finally be too tired to bear me…” A wistful sigh escaped his mouth. “Maybe then the Force will grant me this wish.”

Another Tuesday, another opportunity to realize how awesome our Twi’leks are.

If you have screenshots of your own Twi’lek that you find worth sharing, don’t hesitate to leave me a link somewhere and I will give it a spot in one of my dedicated posts. Doesn’t matter if it’s the same character over and over again – it’s all about the pretty screenies!

The following people join me for today’s #TwilekTuesday:

Tann Annon
Tann Annon (@ScrapperNimitz)
Nee'lah celyntheraven
Nee’lah (@celyntheraven)
Nas'rine GulJarol
Nas’rine (@GulJarol)
Rayyk VayynWasTaken (3)
Rayyk (@VayynWasTaken)
Embreia (@Kayeri)
Y-u'no Rav_Griffon
Y-u’no (@Rav_Griffon)
FibroJedi; name subject to change. (@FibroJedi)
Nim'ani Mafirva
Nim’ani (@Mafirva)
Smokecrystal jonsacchetti
Smokecrystal (@jonsacchetti)

Thank you ♥


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