5-year collage project

To celebrate the many player characters created in SWTOR, BioWare is compiling a collage of screenshots the players send them. More info on the project here.

Since the joy of coming up with original characters lead me to start blogging in the first place I just had to participate. I contributed one screenie of Ayy and one of Serene, my two most important SWTOR OCs. (Even though I was very close to just swamping them with the whole rainbow alien pack. Impulse control, Ethu. Impulse control.)


Finding a nice scenery for Ayy was easy; just sneak into another player’s Tatooine stronghold and voilà! Perfect background. Serene’s was a little trickier, but, as expected, Ziost was the best match.

Edit: I remembered that I only have five characters (in the RP sense) anyway, which isn’t that many. One for each year! (At least this time.) So, have the rest of them too:

vuren inun neira

Serene outtakes:

swtor 2016-07-24 22-10-20-01 swtor 2016-07-24 22-13-14-90 swtor 2016-07-24 21-42-24-23 swtor 2016-07-24 21-48-09-60

Finding spots with good lighting is super hard sometimes. But Ziost has all that and fits her the best thematically anyway. This planet and Serene have a lot in common.

Bonus Inun because adorbs.

swtor 2016-07-24 22-46-09-30

If you haven’t sent in anything yet, do it! The more, the merrier. I can’t wait to see the finished collage.


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