7/8: The Smuggler

Back in 2012, when the game was still fresh and I experimented with different character/class concepts, I decided to refrain from playing through the Knight and Smuggler stories – not only because I’m much less invested in the Republic side of the game than the Imperial, but also because (in case of a serious content drought) I would have fresh class story “cores” left to build characters around.

Alas, the time has come, and so my baby smuggler finally made his trip from Ord Mantell to Corellia.

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Very mild spoilers.

The Story

The class story was super entertaining. Not only because of its infamous one-liners and copious amounts of delicious banter, but also because it credibly tells a story that has no need to rely on hokey religions and ancient weapons, if you catch my drift. When the epic tales of Jedi and Sith are getting stale I’ll gladly slip into the shoes of your average spacer and run errand quests to earn some credits. The omnipresent machinations and well-written NPCs are an added bonus.

The Player Character


Whether you want to enact the narcissistic asshole or the Republic’s goody two-shoes, this story has all the necessary options for you. It also allows for interesting nuances in a character’s personality depending on the situation. (Something that’s sorely lacking since KOTFE if you ask me.)

Inun was conceived to fill the smuggler spot in my main legacy on Vanjervalis Chain, which is made up of one character of each base class. Originally conceptualised as a timid and insecure grease lizard-monkey running a small workshop on Coruscant, the irresistible charm and snark of BioWare’s smuggler added some much needed layers to this concept. Now I also imagine him to be a wannabe womanizer with a fairly loose tongue, but whose self-confident manner is all façade and who’d rather pass up some credits than break a promise or hurt someone innocent. Yup, he’s one of the good guys. (You can’t play an openly insecure character ingame anyway. I never realised that until now. Funny.)

The Crew


I was surprised by how much I came to like the companions. This particular crew is not in my Top 3, but they definitely didn’t bore me either (which I kind of expected to be perfectly honest). The biggest surprise was by far Guss – whoever is responsible for the existence of this guy, I applaud you. He’s annoying as hell, but in an absolutely entertaining manner. Corso was fun too, in his very own annoying way, and Akaavi added an interesting perspective. I wish Inun was a good match for her, because Risha was a bit bland. Not only that, but Risha’s romance is probably one of the most macho things I ever came across in this game: to convince her to give up the life goal she worked towards for a decade, just fuck her twice in one conversation. Yes, that makes a whole lot of sense.

All in all the story arc was fun and interesting enough to make me want to explore the DS path and other romance options too. 9.5/10; definitely among my favourites.

The Gameplay


In the beginning I was worried about having problems with the Scrapper spec, but I adapted to it surprisingly quickly. Melee specs usually are the bane of my existence, but this one offers enough variety to take on a supportive role in PvP, which is all I need to be somewhat useful. It’s kind of a PITA in flashpoints, though. Good thing I never play those.

The Future?

Since Inun is my DvL character and I want to complete the Eternal level, he will be the third of my OCs to be confronted with the KOTFE events. His personality will be a better match for the peculiar ‘togetherness’ of the alliance than Ayy’s or Serene’s ever were, and even Visions in the Dark will have an interesting twist since he’s marginally Force-sensitive. This was inspired by options available at Star Wars: Identities, by the way.

To kneel or not to kneel? Kneeling will probably be the way to go for someone who quickly chickens out at the sight of a seemingly superior foe. Will he miss his crew? Perhaps. But he’ll also get along well with the newcomers, I’m sure of it.


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